How to add Polygon (MATIC) and Avalanche (AVAX) EVM to Trezor One

How to add MATIC and AVAX to Trezor One. Where I can see normal insruction how to do that, and later how to widraw them from trezor walet. It is 0 info about this

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Hi @tamosukas

these are supported via 3rd party wallets (MyCrypto or MEW).

Pair your Trezor with MEW, for Matic select Polygon network in the first step, for AVAX select Avalanche chain.

You can also pair Trezor with Metamask and then go to and search for Polygon and Avalanche networks to see the coins in MM.

Select the address to use and you can send your coins there, you can also send them out as regular transaction.

Information on how to use EVMs (Polygon, Avalanche, …) with Trezor can be found here: How to use EVM compatible chains with Trezor (Matic, Avax)

I tried sending some USDC from my Polygon Metamask… the transaction shows as successful, but I don’t see anything on Trezor (I assume it can only accept Etheereum USDC)

Where did the funds go?

Hi @7igures2freedom,

USDC is only supported as ERC-20 Ethereum token, yes. There are many different token types of USDC pairs but all of them are marked “ERC20” if you search the Supported coins & tokens list.

What type of network did you use to send the USDC to your Trezor, if you didn’t use the Ethereum network?

No, USDC can be on other chains too. Also on Polygon: USD Coin (PoS) (USDC) Token Tracker | PolygonScan

So if he sent it on Polygon chain then he needs to add it to his MM Trezor account as mentioned in this topic.

Ok, I checked the Supported coins & tokens list before answering him and didn’t find anything about Polygon USDC, only ERC20. Why isn’t Polygon listed in the official support list then?

just like any ERC20 is supported even if it’s not on the page, every token on other EVM chain is supported, it’s the same principle. It is not possible to list them all. It is up to the user what chain he uses, Polygon as a coin/chain is mentioned.

We are working on a new coins page so it should more clear in the future.

Ah, the EVM subject again. I didn’t know USDC existed as EVM on other chains. How did you know, just by remembering it after long time experience?

We are working on a new coins page so it should more clear in the future.

That’d be greatly appreciated so I don’t fall into this trap again. :slight_smile:

Most of the popular tokens are on other chains, but you can always check the explorer of that particular chain and search the name of the token.

in order to see what networks is certain coin issued on, I suggest using

For this particular token (USDC) see following page:

and navigate to three dot drop-down menu in info section (contract entry) as shown on the picture below:

Please do keep in mind that not all the networks listed are supported by Trezor firmware.
Some networks (such as all EVM compatible chains, Polygon included) are supported by Trezor firmware but can’t be accessed using Trezor Suite.
For such purposes, third party wallet (such as Metamask) has to be used.

Also, video tutorial on how to use with Trezor connected to MetaMask wallet in order to access desired EVM compatible network is coming very soon :wink:

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