Add ETH Account / Add ERC20 tokens in Suite

New to Trezor, have never used Etherwallet of any kind. How to send my ERC20 token(but not Ethereum) to my Trezor Ethereum account?

It is not set up yet. Do I need to set it up first, do I need another address from MyEtherWallet? or can I just send from exchange directly to the Eth address and it will take care auto populate the new asset in the wallet?



Please see my post above to delucenay.

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i read it, but still don’t undersstand completely. my coin is PAXG.

Paxos Gold (PAXG) is an ERC-20 token, just as COTI, SHIB and LINK, so the process is the same for all. What was it you didn’t understand?

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i’m sure you have explained everything clrearly, but it’s just a little complicated for me, so i will wait and get help from someone ‘in person’ who knows how.

Of course, you may wait for official Community support.

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well…i added the token to my ETH account. so now I use my ETH address to send PAXG from the exchange, or use the PAXG account that i copied from Coinmarketcap?

i like the cheaper blockchains so i can always practice first, but eth is expensive

Hi @Newbie2, you can simply send the ERC20 (PAXG) tokens to your ETH receiving address that you can generate in Trezor Suite - Ethereum account - Receive tab, and once the tokens arrive, they will appear in your Ethereum account - Tokens section.

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thanks, i finally figured it out. thanks for your patience.

great, thank you. i finally figured it out.

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Are we going to open an account on etherscan? how to get private address for me there

Hi @UyarseyitUyar,

Not sure I understand what you mean. Could you please rephrase your question and provide some more information about what your problem is? Thank you!

Hello! I would like you to please help me with a concern that I have. I explain; When I add a new token to the ERC-20 network, for example the USDT token, why does it disappear once I disconnect my device? I remain attentive to your clarification, thank you!

Hi , i have my funds in 10th eth address but i am unable to find it on new suite? Can u help me with this…

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I cannot access any ERC-20 tokens since my Accounts Tab does not display an Ethereum #2 account. The Crypto Settings indicate the following for the Backend:

http://eth1.trezoriovpjcahpzkrewelclulmszwbqpzmzgub37gbcjlvluxtruqad.onion is enabled with a green indicator to the right of the server address. How do I connect to eth2 server in order to access all the ERC-20 tokens?

http://eth2.trezoriovpjcahpzkrewelclulmszwbqpzmzgub37gbcjlvluxtruqad.onion does not have a green indicator associated with the server address.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

I found the answer after reading the excellent step-by-step guidelines and I officially added the desired tokens successfully!

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