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General topics

All the essential information you should read before using your Trezor device.

Technical issues

Can’t connect your Trezor? Do you have questions about firmware upgrades? Ask here.

Third party wallets

Some coins aren’t supported directly by Trezor, instead they are accessed using third-party wallets and secured by your Trezor device. Please note we don’t provide support for third-party wallets. This category is intended for discussion about how to use them properly.

Coins and transactions

Are you looking for any information about various coins and tokens? Discuss them here.

Orders and shipping

If you want to ask any question related to your order or delivery, read the information in the pinned topics first please.


With a hardware wallet you are your own bank. Keeping your cryptocurrencies safe requires to learn security best practices.

Exchange crypto with Trezor

Trezor support can only provide basic information about the process, how things work, and what can be expected. Whenever there is a problem with a certain order or a transaction, contact the customer support team of the partner first. Always provide an order ID which you can find in the coin’s account where the exchange takes place. When you click on Buy, Sell or Trade button, you will find your completed, pending or failed orders with their IDs.


Our latest releases and blog posts are published here.

Other languages

Not familiar with English? This category is dedicated to ask questions in any other language. Our community members could help you.

Site feedback

Discussion about this site, it’s organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. Your suggestions and improvement proposals are welcomed.