List of supported coins

Is it possible to support MarsCoin? I have a bunch of Mars with… and I want to get them out of that Exchange… as they steal my coins regularly. They are a scam site.
I already got all my Doge off the exchange into my Trezor. But really want be able to Buy Mars using my Trezor Suit, and hold MarsCoins also without any hassle. I am NOT an experienced user.

Also… how do I update the listed Coins on my Trezor T?

If you mean MarsCoin (MC), it’s an ERC-20 token and therefore supported by Trezor. See here about how to add it to Trezor Suite. After you’ve done that you can transfer your MC tokens to Trezor.

Note that when you add a new token to Trezor Suite and don’t use it, then it’ll be removed automaticly when you disconnect your Trezor device, because it’s empty.

In Trezor Suite, go to Settings → Crypto and select the coins you want to show. You can also go to the same crypto list directly from Dashboard by pressing the + Enable more coins button/link to the right off the Assets header.

I can see the list of supported coins, but I can;t find any instructions on how to add them to my trezor suite or online account. Currently I only see these
So how do I eg, #FTM, or #SOL, etc?

Hello all

I am new to hardware wallet space using MM currently. I do not know how hardware wallet works. Currently I have some coins such as MATIC, BNB in the exchange and some metaverse tokens such ERTHA in my MM wallet these metaverse tokens are on the Binance Smart Chain.

Question 1: What does supported coins mean? does it mean only those coins that are supported can be sent to the hardware wallet? and what happens to the non supported coins?

  1. Does the hardware wallet store the coins itself or just the seed phrase?

Is there any good explanation on how to set up a hardware wallet?


SOL is not supported, for FTM, please search the forum, already answered here

I suggest that it should be added on the official website of trezor, which chains of coins can be supported by the trezor device. It is important to write a wallet-backed chain in an obvious place.
Many of my netizens checked on your official website and didn’t see that the BSC chain was written to support it, so they chose to buy ledger.

Hi @deeepraveen,

As a beginner, you should read this forum, especially the Before you start gategory. Then read Trezor wiki and Trezor blog. Please make sure you read about what you want to do before you try to do it. If you’re unsure about something, please look it up in the official documentation first.

Is it possible to save stablecoins like USDT or USDC in my Trezor T?

Hi @Monchi

Yes it is.

Regarding the USDT:

USDT (United States Dollar Tether) are in fact several different tokens, on several different networks. Commonly used are Bitcoin Omni and Ethereum ERC20 token. These are two different networks, two different assets, and you have to treat them separately.

  • USDT - ERC20 token - this is quite straight forward. Works on the same principles as any other ERC20 token.

    ETH standard (addresses begin with 0x).

    It is supported natively in Trezor Suite and you need some ETH as a gas if you want to transfer them.

  • USDT OMNI token - issued on Bitcoin (BTC) Network. On Legacy and SegWit accounts only (addresses beginning with a number 1 or 3).

    Go to wallet in this case would be:

    Addresses containing OMNI tokens have to have at least 8000 satoshis in Bitcoin on a single output as well in order to facilitate a transaction.

Beside these two networks USDT can be issued on several other networks such as Avalanche or BSC (both are EVM thus supported by Trezor firmware, just 3rd party wallet such as MetaMask has to be used in order to access and manage operations with the tokens.
Then it can be issued also on chains such as Tron, Algorand, Solana but please beware that these networks are not supported by Trezor.

Regarding USDC: it is pretty much the same scenario so please check USD Coin (USDC) price today, chart, market cap & news | CoinGecko in order to see what networks can be this token issued on.

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You can also use mainnets like bep20 to store your USDT.

Hello Kolin,
Just to clarify. If I’m looking at a coin or token on the supported list and Trezor Model T is checked but under wallets it has a third party wallet listed does that mean you need to view it with a third party wallet? I recently sent AVAX to the Trezor T which is on the supported list and it did not show up in my Trezor Suite app and I have to use MetaMask to view it. At the time I did not understand the Wallets column on the list. After researching via the web I came across articles explaining how to use MetaMask which works but MetaMask is not on the Supported list in the Wallets column…
Thank you in advance for any info you pass on to me regarding this issue.

yes. Some coins are only supported via 3rd party wallets. It means they are supported in firmware but not in our SW Trezor Suite. But they are still protected by your Trezor, you just use 3rd party app to see them.


Is there a list of coins that are supported in Trezor Firmware but not by Trezor Suite?
Or can we assume that all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks can be used, such as Avalance and BSC that you mentioned?
If so, is this list of networks supported by EVM a good reference or is there one that’s always updated?

I’m asking because I’ve abandoned online exchanges and is now using only Trezor as a wallet, so I need to orient myself to what type of coins & tokens I can store there. I know about the official list of coins & tokens, that all ERC-20 tokens can be stored with Trezor, and how to make a BSC wallet in Metamask, but I’m a little unsure about the other coins and networks. I’d need a complete overview, if possible.



There is unfortunately no such list.

The answer is yes.

In general if the network is listed in GitHub - ethereum-lists/chains: provides metadata for networkIDs and chainIDs (meaning it has an unique Chain ID), has an info-url, and has a SLIP-44 identifier, we WILL officially support it.

For more user friendly interface I would suggest using
Every network that can be found there will be supported in Trezor FW. Please note that 3rd party app (in this case MetaMask) has to be used in order to access such networks/addresses.

Kudos on that :slight_smile: I am glad that you are following the golden rule: not your keys, not your coins!

Also for future references:
If you are not entirely sure, it is always wise to send just a small (test) amount to the Trezor generated address in order to see if you’ll be able to access the tokens afterwards.

Also, you can of course reach out to us over here and ask before taking any action.
We will be more than happy to help!

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Thank you, @MichalZ! Much appreciated!

I got into one problem but it’s not related to supported coins, so I’ll ask in another thread - if I don’t figure it out myself.

Hi, im would like to find trezor wallet that supported this coins bellow. Thx

Kryptoměna ISO20022
Algorand (ALGO)
Stellar Lumens (XLM)
Riple (XRP)
XinFin (XDC)
Kryptoměna GOLD
Pax Gold (PAXG)
Tether Gold (XAUT)
Cardano (ADA)
Quant (QNT)

Hi there!
Any chance of seeing BNB and ICP support (at least send/receive) on the Trezor One?
Thank you

Are you looking to support Algorand on Trezor? This is currently support by Ledger devices. If you are when is this likely to take place?

Hi @Rip,

Algorand (ALGO) is not supported on Trezor devices. We have no plans to add support for this cryptocurrency. Our focus is on other (mainly Bitcoin-related) projects.

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thats a surprising remark. Algorand is really gaining popularity. To not support a rapidly evolving L1 is surprising i must say.