PIN Invalid When Accessing Wallet (PIN is not working)


Just looking for some advice. I recently went to check my Trezor wallet and for some reason it is telling me that my PIN is invalid (I am 100% sure that I know the correct PIN). I tried several times and the delay time on the login keeps increasing (I’m now at 500 seconds) but it keeps telling me that it’s invalid when I know that it’s the correct PIN. I know that I have the option to use my seed phrase to restore the wallet, but I am hesitant to do this as I do not have a second wallet to restore it on and would have to wipe the current wallet to restore it on (which seems risky as it already is having issues with the PIN).

I am debating on purchasing another Trezor to restore the wallet on (without wiping the current Trezor), but am open to other advice. Also, I’m an resistant to another wallet besides a Trezor since my current one is having issues. I assume that any other hardware wallet that supports a 24 word seed phrase would work? Any suggestions on other wallets that would work well in transferring over a Trezor wallet?

Very much appreciated,

Hi @Jimi_Cote

Please note that Trezor can’t just randomly change your PIN so the input you are entering has to be different than what was set before.
What model do you use ? If it is the model T and your touchscreen is not working properly we’d be happy to proceed to RMA-
Also, you can recover your wallet with any BIP39 compatible wallets.

Information on how to enter and reset a forgotten PIN can be found here: How to enter PIN on Trezor Model One and Trezor Model T

A similar thing is happening to me… I can send crypto to my trezor backed metamask address but I cannot send it anywhere else. I am putting in the right PIN every time and it keeps adding seconds and telling me wrong PIN!!! I’m up over 8000 seconds now. I need help :frowning:

I wanted to update. I ended up wiping my Trezor and reloading my seed and all is well.

I am absolutely sure that I was entering the correct PIN, so I am still unsure why the Trezor was telling me it was incorrect. I feel that this is a bug in the Trezor, and I know that there will be push back saying that it’s impossible and it’s user error but that being said, I will not be purchasing another Trezor.

Thanks for all the support.


I have the same problem. Pin written down and double checked even unwrapped my extra safe one and its giving me this invalid nonsense going to try down grade the firm ware and re install the app.