New Trezor customer portal is live! 🔥

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that we have launched a new customer portal on

Feel free to check it out and let us know your thoughts in this thread. :point_down:

P.S. Part of the solution is our new chat tool. :robot:
Chatbot feedback can be given here Welcome Hal - our new AI based virtual agent!.

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Heiii @trezor team

Just to congratulate you guys and gals on the new site interface and image.

Looks nice and fresh

Keep it up


Yeah, I hadn’t noticed the new design until @rimaS mentioned it just now, but it looks great. :+1:

Only wish it could be possible to set in a dark mode. I often work at night and then white web pages are too bright for my eyes. I do use browser plugins, like Global Dark Style and Hacker Vision, but they often don’t work so well.

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Thanks very much @rimaS we love it as well :slight_smile:

If you would bump into any sort of issue/bug or you would have any feedback feel free to report it in the following thread. :pray:

Agreed @Petosiris, as I also work quite a lot during night periods this helps.

Also it just looks great in dark.


Will do @MichalZ for now just navigating and enjoying

@forgi just found that some info is swapped

Model T has touchpad model one has buttons, will keep on reporting if I find stuff

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should be fixed now, can you confirm pls ?

Heii @MichalZ some swapped info.

I tagged forgi not @MichalZ. have a look into it.

One thing you could perhaps consider is to have your Video Tutorials on the Learn page and a link in the Learn top menu. People often like to watch a video of how it’s done rather than read an article, so I think these great video tutorials should be easily accessible also from the main website.


I can confirm it’s fixed.

BTW, I noticed something on the Compare page – Why does it say that Trezor T supports 1456 coins and tokens, when it used to be 1800+ something on the old List of Supported coins & tokens (I see it’s a new page there now too)? Are some coins or tokens removed from device support lately?

Another thing on the Compare page is that SD card encryption support for Model T isn’t mentioned, as far as I can see. The SD card slot isn’t on the Technical specs page either.

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On the website there is a link “Signing key”, which leads to, which gives " We couldn’t find this page."

A Belgian customer is unable to complete a purchase on your website.
A Belgium zip code is 4 numbers long and NOT 5 numbers. I am unable to buy a Trezor because of this reason.

@Bellinkx thanks, reported, it will be fixed today,

@rimaS also reported, thank you


I presume you push updates during the nightly hours because the issue still persists. You have my thanks for reporting the issues to the dev team.

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Good one @Petosiris. I would like to have the videos visible as much as possible too. We will come up with something! Thanks for the feedback.

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Thanks, @kolin. It’d be nice to have the videos on the main page too.
Do you have any replies to the other things I mentioned?

Dark mode
Number of supprted coins
SD card

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For the supported coins and SD card, I’ll forward this feedback to the website/e-shop team.
I will discuss the dark mode for the knowledge base. I need to find out what would be the scope of such a feature.

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hi @Petosiris, little tip. There is this chrome extension that turns any web into dark mode :slight_smile:

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I am still trying to get used to this new layout, I used so much the old this new one still feels strange.

But much cleaner and fresh