Trezor won't connect in Virtual Machine

I’m running a Windows 10 Virtual Machine in VMWare Fusion on macOS. Unfortunately, I can’t get my Trezor to connect. I have made sure that the Trezor is connected to the VM and not the Mac via Fusion’s ‘USB & Bluetooth Settings’, but when I open Trezor Suite, it just says ‘Connect your Trezor’, but nothing happens when I do. Any ideas?

Before you plug in the trezor, set the virtual machine’s usb options and select the program to connect to the virtual machine.

I also encountered a similar situation with a win10 virtual machine.
After I use the following, I can connect to win10 in the virtual machine normally.

Thanks! I also had to install the Trezor Bridge. Weird that you had to download a 3rd party program to install a generic USB driver. But I’m glad it worked.