Trezor wallet showing zero balance


I transferred from coinspot to my trezor wallet ERC 20 token - QNT.
It showed in my balance.
After 2 weeks i have plugged my device into my computer to check and i cant see a balance. No transactions visible. Its like a new account?
I have no passphrase used.
Just 12 seed login.
Am i not logging in properly?

Hi @alex982,

Are you using a Passphrase? If so, it may be that you try to access a different wallet by using a different Passphrase.

I’m having the same problem. Just bought a Trezor and used the Transfer button in my Exodus wallet to transfer the funds to Trezor wallet.
I can see the balance of my Trezor wallet in the Exodus app but not in the Trezor Suite or on the device. In Trezor suite it says there are no transactions as well as no balance.
I have a ticket case number which is: 95692
Can you help?

Hi @tashi

Thanks for reaching out and for submitting the ticket. Please, check your inbox for updates.

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To be more exact-

Wallet has balances in some accounts. One account in particular shows the incoming ETH and no Outgoing transaction and a ZERO dollar balance. Balance should not be zero.

I had attempted to transfer this ETH to CoinbasePro, but CoinbasePro did not receive it and obviously it never left the Trezor wallet. Coinbase can’t/won’t help and it’s difficult to provide transaction information for a transaction that never took place. Balance in wallet s/b equal to incoming ETH shares.

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Thanks Pavel, I’ve had a look at my email and sent you a reply

Hi tashi. I have been dealing with same issue since 8/24 and still have not found a solution. I have been working with Trezor and Exodus and have had many email exchanges. I did not use a passphrase and see my balance in Exodus under the Trezor icon and can see everything on the blockchain. If you find a solution please pass it along to the rest of us. Thank you.

Hi All. Adding to the conversation. I have the same issue with the Trezor Model T when using a passphrase. I access the wallet through Trezor suite it shows my appropriate balance. If I try to access the wallet through the Trezor web interface it shows zero balance. I have verified this 4 times going back and forth between Trezor Suite and the Trezor web interface to ensure I wasn’t typing in the passphrase incorrectly. Has anyone found a resolution to this?

Hi @Agab,
Could you clarify which coins do you have? If you have BTC, the reason for not seeing your coins in the web Trezor Wallet is that Trezor Suite uses Native Segwit addresses by default, although this format is not supported in our web Trezor Wallet.

If you want to see your balance in both interfaces, you are going to need to use either “3” Segwit addresses or “1” Legacy addresses.

It could be the same for LTC.

I have the exact same issue at the moment with XLM and ADA 3rd parties showing 0 balance and different addresses? The only thing I did was updating to 2.4.2 when Trezor T asked for it. Nothing more. Also these are stored in my public wallet so no passphrase was needed to access them before. Hope you got a solution to this I am getting worried… Ticket ID: 98069

Hi @fourcee,
thanks for the ticket ID! One of our agents will get back to you soon.

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Thank you, I hope we all can solve this as I am a 100% sure there was no error or mistake from my side

Your ticket has been assigned to an agent. Please check your mailbox.

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Thank you NIYAK. BTC is the coins I was referencing. I understand now.

I am having the same problem.

Similarities: 1) my Trezor shows no transactions and no balances, 2) I also tried the recovery process thrice with no luck, 3) it looks like it will take 20 days for a response from Trezor support.

Here are my details:

  1. A few days ago, I received my Trezor.
  2. I activated my Trezor T with the Trezor Suite and created two secret accounts, one for BTC and one for ETH.
  3. I did a test transfer from coinbase.
  4. I verified the test transaction in the suite
  5. I then transferred my balances from Coinbase to my two Trezor accounts.
  6. I verified those transactions in my Trezor suite also.
  7. All was good.
  8. I closed the Trezor Suite and disconnected my Trezor.
  9. The next day, I logged onto my Trezor account to check on things and my balances were zero and there are no transactions.
  10. I submitted Ticket ID: 98316 and then was asked to upload transaction info to Ticket ID: 98386.

Hi @chuck3

You’re most probably accessing wrong wallet (by entering different passphrase than the one you used for creating hidden wallet in the first place).

Please check your inbox, your ticket has been answered.
We will continues troubleshooting the issue via email.

I’m having an issue with Trezor wallet. I connect it, enter the passphrase, and the balance shows zero coins. I’ve seen the balances in the past, so not sure what is causing this issue.

I looked at the page about Recovery, but I don’t know that my situation falls into the 2 options available. User manual:Recovery - Trezor Wiki

New/Empty - My wallet isn’t new, but it appears to be empty (even though it should not be).
Initialized - I still have my pin and I’m not sure I want to ‘load a different seed onto my device’.

Help would be appreciated.

Hi @DarkKnight,

About the Passphrase -

  • Did you intentionally make a Hidden wallet earlier?
  • If so, did you transfer funds from the Standard wallet to the Hidden wallet?

If you never did this, then you have your funds in the Standard wallet and you shouldn’t enter a Passphrase at all. Passphrases are only used for Hidden wallets.

But if you have made a Hidden wallet and transferred funds to it, then it’s important to enter the Passphrase exactly as you created it. Large and small letters are different and space is also a valid character.

If you enter a different Passphrase than the original, then a new and empty Hidden wallet will be created. From what you tell, this is likely what you are experiencing.

Please try Trezor Suite - if you use the web wallet currently - and if you usually enter the Passphrase on the Trezor device, try entering the Passphrase in Trezor Suite instead.

See here for more info about the Passphrase feature.

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