Trezor not giving me pop-up to enter my passphrase when trying to send w metamask

So basically I attached my Trezor to my MetaMask and have a passcode and hidden wallet… Whenever I would transact with MetaMask (say, to send crypto from Metamask to another wallet) I would get a pop-up in the browser (using Brave), I would enter my passcode, then I would have to confirm some things on the Trezor itself… Now that confirmation window to enter my passcode pops up and then instantly closes, so I can never get to enter the code and all my transactions hang… I don’t think it is a pop-up blocker or antivirus (though I supposed it could be but I disabled them to test and the window still instantly closes) and I do not use a VPN… I am up to date on Trezor Firmware and newest version of MM… Please help

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