Trezor Model T / 50 Ronin Addresses


I wondered if the 50 Addresses that we can use when connecting the hardware wallet to ronin is changeable or fixed? thank you.

Hi @kimbaduds this is a fixed amount of addresses (Ronin limit) you can generate in one wallet.
However by using passphrase you can create another (hidden) wallet and export another 50 addresses.


I tried creating another hidden wallet with a passphrase but when I tried adding a new hardware wallet profile in my Ronin account it still shows the 50 addresses linked to my previous trezor wallet.

that is not possible. When different passphrase is entered (if enabled and used), the different wallet is accessed. There is no exception. It always generates new wallet with new accounts and addresses.

If it shows same set of addresses you are not inputting different passphrase.

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I got it now! Thank you so much.

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no worries man :v:
happy to help.

Im using Trezor with Ronin. I just updated to current and now its telling passphrase doesnt match. I do not have this enabled. Any suggestions?

Hi, @MichalZ I created a hidden wallet and it contained a new set of 50 ronin addresses but I have a question. Where can I find the ronin seed phrase of the hidden wallets?

Because when I try to check the seed phrase it’s still showing me my dummy ronin account’s seed phrase. I tried and tested it using a 2nd dummy ronin account and connected to the hidden wallet and it’s still using the 2nd ronin account’s seed phrase.

I hope you can help, Thanks in advance!

Hi @ulewrl
It is important to distinguish between types of account you can have in your Ronin wallet.
When using third-party apps, beware, some of them create their own default wallet, different from a Trezor generated one. (For recovering such wallet you would need a recovery seed related to this wallet which is different from Trezor generated wallet.)

Once you initialize Ronin wallet, there is a default account(s) created (the red one in the picture). If you wish to use it, then you need to keep your Ronin seed phrase to recover and access this account whenever needed. This account is not a part of Trezor wallet.

On the contrary, there are Trezor accounts (the yellow in the picture). The same accounts are generated in MEW, Trezor Suite etc. These are Trezor generated accounts and can be recovered only by using Trezor recovery seed (and passphrase if enabled and used).

And very simply put you can imagine your unique passphrase (that should exist only in your head) as a 25th/13th word of your mnemonic phrase and it can be used to create hidden wallet only in combination with your Trezor recovery seed, not the Ronin one.
Also please not that no 3rd party app will ever reveal you seed of your Trezor. It is shown to you only once on your device during the setup process.

Thank you for the quick reply!

However, I think I missed the part where it showed me the Trezor seed phrase. I followed a guide so I can migrate my existing ronin account to the Trezor so my Axie’s progress will not be affected and will not go back to level 1. Here’s the link: No Reset Trezor Setup for Axie Infinity

I’m trying to figure out how I can put more than 50 ronin addresses, and the passphrase method seems promising. I just got lost when I started to look for the Trezor generated ronin addresses’ seed phrase. That’s why I registered and came here to ask.

Do you know any guide on how to check my Trezor One’s recovery seed?

@ulewrl have you backed up your Trezor during initialization ?
Please note that recovery seed is one of the cornerstones of your Trezor security and it is extremely important to back up your Trezor by writing down the mnemonic phrase Trezor generates suring the setup.
As it was already mentioned that is the only time when Trezor will show you the seed phrase you are supposed to write down.

Also note that seed phrase is the same for all Ronin accounts connected with your Trezor, it’s the passphrase feature that creates different (hidden) wallets and generates different sets of addresses.

This is really not advisable as you will still be using the original Ronin Seed phrase you created on the Ronin Extension. It beats the purpose of having a Trezor. If the hacker/thief has your seed phrase and he also has a trezor, it’s game over my friend. It’s advisable to have a separate seed phrase for your hardware wallet. 1 seed for Trezor / 1 Seed for Ronin.

I used Standard Wallet with no pass phrase when I first started using my Trezor-T which I find out is limited to 50 ronin addresses. If I start using pass phrase now, will it add another 50 ronin addresses? Is there a guide somewhere I can read on how to do this?

Yes that’s correct.

more info regarding passphrase feature in following links:

Thank you. The articles you forwarded are very helpful.

I have 75 ronin accounts, and I imported the seed words from my original account (I know this is not the ideal situation).
Due to the limit of 50 on the standard account, how can I add the other 25 accounts to ronin? With a “hidden” wallet?
In the account operations authorizations, would they be different procedures between them (standard vc hidden)?

hi @rs2112sr
Yes, you would have to create another, hidden (passphrase protected) wallet.
You are prompted to enter the passphrase after exporting your public key when connecting to Ronin.

And you would have to use the same combination of seed and passphrase every time that you will manage operations with your funds that are on those accounts (created in he hidden wallet).

If you would use different seed or passphrase the private key would be different and you won’t be able to sign the transaction.

Hi and thanks for the reply,
Just to be sure, would the original accounts from 1 to 50 be in the standard wallet and the original accounts (with their original content) from 51 to 75 would be in the hidden wallet?
Thanks again and have a good day.

Simply put: each wallet on your Trezor (no matter if standard or hidden) = 50 accounts max
So if you have recovered your Ronin seed on your Trezor (at least that’s what I understood from what you said so please correct me if I’m wrong) you won’t be able to import more than 50 addresses from Trezor to your Ronin wallet.

Really an objective straight answer, thanks.
I bet it will solve the doubts of many who do, like me, a Google search.
I take two more questions:

  1. can I have the standard wallet with 50 accounts with the old ronin seeds words and another hidden wallet with another set of seeds words created by Trezor?
  2. is there any plan to increase the limit of 50 accounts? I already owned a Ledger Nano X, and I bought a Trezor T just to use it with ronin. And I believe that many will go this way. Resetting all accounts is a big problem, although it is safer.
    Thank you again.