Trezor Model T / 50 Ronin Addresses

  1. Yes technically you can have that on one device. But that would require wiping and recovering the wallet every time you want to manage some operation with your funds in the other wallet.
    Keep in mind that you can use only one seed on your device at the time.

  2. Since this is the limit of Ronin app and not Trezor I can’t really answer this question. So this would be question rather for SkyMavis support.

Also, please note that since you have recovered the seed that has been generated online by 3rd party app (in this case Ronin) on your Trezor, you have basically stopped using its only purpose: generating and storing your private keys offline (at least when we’re talking about Standard wallet).
So the only added value (in terms of layers of security) would be your Hidden wallets that are protected by passphrase (that is not stored online nor on the device).

Thanks again.

Ronin wallet is not limited to 50 accounts, as I already have 75 accounts.

perhaps I didn’t express myself clearly.

What I meant by this is, that it’s Ronin’s interface limitation for HW wallet(s).
In other words, we haven’t designed this limitation as it is on Ronin’s development. :wink:

ahhh, ok.

Thanks a lot!!

Hello, i just purchased my trezor 1 recently. I am wondering why I have more then 500 ronin addresses i can choose to export. Should I be worried?

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hi @janmiles123

no there is no need to worry as Ronin team has increased the amount of addresses you can export to 1000 per wallet. So what you get is expected.

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thank you so much, appreciate the response

I also have another question, is it also normal that there is no “Hardware” beside Trezor #1?

yeah that’s how connected hw wallet is displayed in Ronin interface.