Trezor integration / Ronin Wallet / Axie Infinity

Hello good people,

If I would want to couple a Trezor with an existing Ronin wallet / Axie Infinity setup, what would be the safest way to proceed?

Is it advised / necessary to transfer the Axies (NFT’s) to the new (freshly created) seed of the Trezor?
I’m not too concerned about a bit of gas fees here and there, I just want to absolute safest method possible.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Tune

When using third-party apps, beware, some of them create their own default wallet, different from a Trezor generated one. (For recovering such wallet you would need a recovery seed related to this wallet which is different from Trezor generated wallet.) This is the case of Ronin wallet as well.

Once you initialize Ronin wallet, there is a default account created. If you wish to use it, then you need to keep your Ronin seed phrase to recover and access this account whenever needed. This account is not a part of Trezor wallet.

On the contrary, there are Trezor accounts. The same accounts are generated in MetaMask, MEW, Trezor Suite etc. These are Trezor generated accounts and can be recovered only by using Trezor recovery seed. (in Ronin they are marked with word Hardware in blue bubble)

If you already have any funds in your Ronin standalone (default) wallet, they are on the addresses derived from the seed that was generated online directly in the Ronin wallet interface (thus it is more vulnerable to be compromised).
If you want to transfer them to the addresses derived from the private keys (that is always securely kept offline on your Trezor) simply send them to the account/address marked with that blue “hardware” bubble.

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Hi MichalZ,

First of all, thanks for the swift reply. I read your detailed explanation and fully understand it.
Disclaimer: I’m already familiar with the importance of offline seed generation as I also own a Ledger.

This is exactly the reason I want to use the same practice to keep the content from the Axie Infinity account safe. As far as I understand from your explanation, it should be no problem transferring the content from the old (unsafe) account to the new one?
As in: will it really be as simple as transferring the Axies (NFT’s), AXS token and SLP token to the Trezor linked Ronin wallet, and that’s it?

I can just select the Trezor linked account after (in the Ronin wallet) and it will properly couple this to the Axie dashboard after?

the answer is yes.
Technically you will be just doing regular transaction from one address to another so it does not really matter if you are transferring funds between two account (default one and the one paired to your hardware wallet) in the same wallet interface.

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Awesome. Thank you so much.

I was a bit uncertain whether transferring the items like that could maybe cause some problems with the dashboard / gameplay integration of Axie Infinity itself. Somehow I already I assumed it wouldn’t, but sometimes things aren’t always as logical as they seem.
It was also pretty difficult to find a proper tutorial of someone doing this exact procedure elswhere, so very happy you helped out with my question. :slight_smile:

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Just an FYI, If your Axies are leveled up in the Adventure Quest Mode, they will drop down to level 1 after the transfer. Not sure if you knew that or not, but just thought I’d inform you anyhow.

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Hi @Langly1087

Yes, I happened to be aware of this already. But thanks for pointing that out again.
I apparently also need to make certain that after transferring the Axies, I don’t play the game for 24h. This is assuming I would have been logged into the game before transferring, which to be certain I won’t be. Supposedly there’s a security measure in place to prevent multi-account usage on 1 device, which is a bannable offense.
Lots of things to watch out for, but I think I got my bases covered at this point.

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Oh shoot, I forgot about the 24 hour rule. Thank you for reminding me about that.

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Hello Michakz can you please help me. I bought Trezor Model T last 2 days ago. I created Ronin Trezor Account inside Ronin Wallet then i transfered all my assets 8 axies, SLPs and AXS.

Yesterday I accidentally deleted my Ronin Extension on my Chrome. The worsed was i didn’t save the Ronin Wallet Seed phrase. Inside that account i have Trezor Account Hardware. How can i get all my assets inside my Ronin Account by Trezor.

Here’s my ronin address:

Please im stress… Help me.

I saved my Seed phrase on my Trezor Model T.

Are you able to log-into your Ronin account @Chavez_Patrick? Did you write down your Ronin seedphrase on paper so that you could recover the Ronin account with it if needed?

If you can’t,
you should be able to create a new Ronin Wallet, go to “Connect Hardware Wallet” on that Ronin account, and connect the ethereum address connected to thet Ronin Trezor Hardware wallet that is storing your axs, slp, and axies.

Though, i’m not entirely sure if that will work. Please let me know.

I lost the seed phrase

The problem is everytime i created an account on Trezor inside Ronin Wallet they will give me only 50 Ronin address not my existing account hardware.

Hope @MichalZ will help me on this.

I am sad since i lost the seed phrase of my New Ronin Wallet.

Hello how can i recover my Trezor Ronin Hardware inside my lost seed phrase of my Ronin Wallet Account?

Or how can i transfer my Trezor Ronin hardware to New Ronin Wallet Account? Is it possible?

Please how can i recover my SLP, Axies and AXS Token.

If you stored your Axies (and other Axie content) on the seed that you created with your Trezor, you should always be able to access your belongings. Regardless of whether you delete your Ronin wallet or not.
Initially the Ronin wallet (like Metamask) creates a “standard” wallet. This is what you create the (Ronin) seed for. When you use a hardware wallet (Trezor), then Ronin (or Metamask) functions like a portal to your own hardware attached seed. The initial account is not relevant anymore at that point.

Are you absolutely certain you’ve used the account attached to your Trezor’s seed to store your Axie related content?

Yes from old account to Ronin Trezor Hardware.

Then after that i erase all my phone on my phone including the Seed phrase of that New Ronin Wallet.

Again, the old (Ronin) seed phrase is not relevant anymore after you’ve done the transfer to the Trezor account, that is attached to your Trezor seed.

Based on your explanation, your belongings HAVE to be visible in one of the Ethereum addresses when you use your Trezor in the Ronin wallet. There is no other option. While this sadly doesn’t immediately help you, it may be good to know that your belongings should at least be safe.

It may be an annoying task, but I’d advise double checking the list of Ethereum addresses you are being offered when connecting the Trezor. Possibly it’s further down the list than you’d expect, as I assume you’ve already checked the first few ones.

How can i recover my assets? I saved it on my Ronin Trezor Hardware Account.

Try to follow the steps @Langly1087 mentioned above. Through these steps you will be able to access the Ethereum (ronin) accounts associated with the seed of your Trezor.
This is the only way.

There is no such thing as “seed” recovery, or Trezor being able to help you migrate from a Trezor associated account to a new Ronin account. If that were the case, it would render the Trezor hardware (and offline key storage) useless.

[The problem is everytime i created an account on Trezor inside Ronin Wallet they will give me only 50 Ronin address not my existing account hardware.

Are you Trezor Support agent?