Suite.Trezor showing incorrect balance ▫

When I log into Standard Wallet, it says that I have 9 accounts with $xxxx

But I can not see 9 accounts, only shows 4 accounts, and it is not showing the $xxxx amounts in any account.

How do I find these funds?
Or is this balance incorrect?

Hi @MonsterplayAus

When using Suite, please check you have enabled/added all accounts.

See how to add/access (ETH) accounts by using our Trezor Suite

  1. Navigate to Accounts tab from the upper menu
  2. Click on the plus [+] symbol on the left pane
  3. Choose Ethereum from the list, confirm the selection by clicking on ‘Add account’
  4. See your Ethereum account listed on the left pane

If you have previously used more ETH accounts, simply repeat the process. The accounts will be always generated in the same order. Once ETH accounts are added, tokens related to these addresses will be shown automatically in Overview tab as pictured below.

​Adding other accounts is pretty much the same.

Yes I have done this.

It is not letting me add more than 5 ETH addresses and no more than 3 BTC addresses.

When I use MEW I can see that I have previously used 12 ETH addresses, but Trezor Suite is not accepting these. Only 5 ETH addresses. Is this a glitch or intentional design decisions to have maximum number of wallets accessible?

Problem continues…

Suite.Trezor Desktop App shows over $2K in tokens (but won’t show me where the tokens are or what the tokens are), whilst Suite.Trezor website App shows 0 balance.

They are NOT syncing.

Which is correct? If Desktop is correct, then how do I find these tokens?

In Trezor Suite, there is a limited number of ETH accounts that can be used. Currently, 10 accounts can be used only.

When comparing Suite website and Suite desktop, please make sure you are running the latest version (of desktop app).

Anyway, if you were previously using more accounts, you can access them by using a compatible app, such as MEW, MyCrypto etc.

Most of ERC20 tokens are automatically recognized. However, there might be cases when the token is not recognized and must be added manually by entering its contract address. Also, balance in some cases might not be precise.

As for internal transactions, neither Trezor Beta Wallet, nor Trezor Suite can recognize these. For these transactions, a third-party app must be used as well.