Pins not accepted on 3 Trezors with any version of Trezor Suite

Please help! We have two Trezor One’s and one Trezor T. Last time they all worked perfectly. But now, we cannot enter any pin from any Trezor on any version of Trezor Suite from 22-1-1 to the latest 22-10-3. Our pins are correct, our seeds are safe, and we have tried with two different computers (both Linux) and different cables. Whatever we do, we cannot enter a correct pin on any Trezor device to any Trezor Suite Version. What has happened? Can anyone shed any light on our problem? Why should our pins suddenly stop working? Help much appreciated - thank you.

Hi @agate,

Is the Firmware updated? You can try resetting your PIN. Be sure you have Recovery seeds and Passphrases, if used, available before using this procedure. See this thread: