Passphrase issues

I’ve been using a standard wallet on trezor suite for several months without issue, I’ve also used a ledger for several months without issue. I went to connect the trezor hardware wallet with metamask and it prompted the passphrase. I assumed this was my pin, and tried that and multiple others to try and locate my standard wallet to connect. I found an article that suggested looking in the ledger/mew/mycrypto settings at the top of the metamask section. I didn’t realize I could just press enter with no passphrase and locate the standard account. I created a passphrase, not knowing it would be so essential / crucial to sending funds out. I even tested funds in the account, saw that the trezor was being prompted correctly, and was working, but didn’t go through with the full transaction to save on gas fees. I thought I would be fine because I had the pin, seed, and I was logged into metamask. I transferred a significant amount of my money into this account. I’ve since tried over 300 passwords, tried importing the account again, used multiple platforms, and I’m at a loss of what to do. The only thing that I can think that I might have done, was generate a google password on chrome and it didn’t save, as none of the passwords that it could be are locating/importing the account. Is there any way to get these funds out of this wallet?

Irlart, it seems you are facing pass phrase issue, same as me. If you were not smart enough with installing strong pass phrase - that could be our luck, cause I was searching for an answer and it seems I found one.
Get yourself comfortable and read this Trezor Blog Article
I also wrote a post in this topic, with ask for technical assistance.
May be we will be able to restore our wallets and be smarter and aware of such things in future. And information described will save a lot of tears for stupid people like ourselves lucky enough to crack our own hidden wallets with technical support from Trezor support and community.

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I really hope so. I’m 99% sure I used a google generated password, as none of what should have worked worked. So, I’ve heard back from (3) wallet recovery services that say that 15 characters is way too much to brute force. So, I’m hoping to have assistance or guidance on finding any kind of cookies, cache, or SQLite file that may have the info that just needs to be decrypted. sigh.

Well, 15 characters is really a lot and google might have created a strong pass phrase, but if its like
XXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX and you know positions of those “-” and you are sure no special symbols were used then probably it can be possible.
We won’t know until we give it a try.
As for the cookies, cache or SQLite - I don’t think that will be possible cause method of getting a pass phrase this way would mean a serious security issue for G on how they are storing passwords.
I think that only possible way: to brute force hidden wallet pass phrase itself with getting your funds away on another wallet from normal account beforehand.

I’ve read if you decrypt the data on the local machine used with the login of the account, it’s possible that’ll decrypt. It’s just above my skill level. I believe the passphrase was 15 characters, a mix of uppercase, lowercases and numbers. No special characters.

the only way how to access your hidden wallet is to enter exactly the same input as you used when generated hidden wallet in the first place.

True, but there is also a way using AWS with rented Nvidia Tesla A100 GPU that can help.
We are aiming for that help. Trezor proved that this method is possible in an article from 2019, only with previous generation Tesla V100 GPU.
The difference only is that in article there was described an attack method on a wallet that originally doesn’t belong to a certain person. And here we found this method suitable for our own wallets.
Thank you

I’ve also found the cache files for the trezor in the library / application support / trezor and I’m wondering if I can recover passphrase through decrypting the attempts using: Apps:Cryptee - Trezor Wiki ?

I also found my google login database, and i’m praying its in there, but I’m pretty sure it was a blacklisted by user situation. Does anyone know if its possible to recover a blacklisted password from google database?