My all tokens were stolen

I did all this on a separate computer for cryptocurrencies - creating and activating Trezor T, new & clean computer on Windows 11 without other programs. Only browser, exodus, Trezor Suyte. No smart contracts, no trust lines, no visiting sites other than Google and Gmail.
This is a huge amount of money for me and my family. I don’t know what to do now.
In the beginning, I bought a Trezor Model T crypto hardware wallet. Began to buy XLM BCH ZEC DASH tokens for USDT on the MEXC exchange and send to Trezor T the coins bought on the exchange.
Then I bought a Ledger Nano X hardware wallet. Since there was no TRON, TEZOS blockchain support in Trezor T.
The last time I made a transaction from the MEXC exchange to my hardware wallet. and 3 days did not sit down at the computer. Until 6 jan 2023, Today I wanted to send more - I see everything has already been withdrawn from my wallet 9 hours ago.
These are not my authorized transactions. This is probably a compromised hardware Trezor T, a fake one was sold to me.

@Oval sorry to hear that.

Where did you get your trezor from?

Oficial and this list of oficial resselers

Do you have access to tx history?

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Yes. I cant paste this url of transactions from my accounts

i can’t paste url blokchains trans-s

open a support ticket please, in a chat bubble

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Ticket ID: 160264, how long do you have to wait for a response?

1 day, provide transaction IDs to the email and log of the wallet (Settings, Application, show log, download).

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I’m export from Exodus only XLM transactions and send it with attached mail.
if other dlockchain transactions are required, then I am ready to provide export from Exodus.
or any other option you deem necessary.

the option to access through my computer is excluded. Since there were still open cold wallets with other cryptocurrencies - Algo, Verge - they are untouched. True, there were amounts up to $ 200. But if they had remote access to my computer, to the desktop with programs, then they would not have been left the same.
The option of accessing the seeds phrase is also excluded - I wrote it down on paper and hid it in a safe. I live alone.
Never trustlines, smartcontracts. Only Hold…

Huoby support
" Hello, if you need corresponding information, please ask the police to send corresponding materials to the email: [email protected],the relevant commissioner will contact the police, thank you for your understanding and support."

I haven’t used my Trezor device since last year in November. I have just connected and all BTC is gone.
There is a transaction made on 15 of January in the History. Not sure how to proceed forward.
Any ideas?

unfortunately a good idea comes after(
choose another hardwallet.
To believe that this sacrifice will bring good health to our loved ones, and to the entire generation of these scammers, hell on earth as soon as possible.

Bootloader 2.0.5
Firmware 2.5.3 by

January 31, 2023. I just set up my Trezor Model T. my seed words are well protected I did not use password. All my crypto Bitcoin and Ether has been stolen via unauthorized transactions over several days. Trezor tell me they can do nothing. Cost to me approximately $21,000 Canadian.

John Oliver

Same thing happened to me today, January 31,2023. My Bitcoin and Ether both gone because of unauthorized transaction. Trezor support states they can do nothing sorry… and state your seed must have been compromised which complete horseshit. Goodbye $21,000 Canadian.

I had just finished transferring all my Crytro from my old cold wallet to my new Trazor T. Over a 3 day period all my crypto disappear due to an unauthorized transfer. Trezor fells bad but cannot due anything. Loss appropriately $21,000 Canadian.

John Oliver

Hi @jooliver,

I understand your haste but please don’t post about the same issue in multiple forum threads. I moved two of your posts into this one.

Thank you!

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Thanks for moving my responses. I am still in shock over losing my Crypto so quickly after changing cold wallet to the Trezor T. Nothing can be done of course but my seed words were not compromised by me that I know. I wonder how my hacker zoned in on a new wallet so quickly.

At the beginning of 2022, hardware hacker Joe Grand posted a YouTube video explaining how they hacked the Trezor Model One device containing about 2 million. They moved the PIN and key to RAM during the firmware update and installed unauthorized code on the device.