Funds transferred without authorization

I kept the funds in the wallet, after few days I plugged in to check, I was not able to login and contacted support also, no answer or revert from them, won’t able to do anything. Also tried to reset the device.
After two days it again started and I reset the device after that I saw all my funds were transferred to account to 1 account via 3 different account.
Last account holding my funds using transaction hash have contact with source to hack the account

Sharing the account info of the hacker and contact info.


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Please help me out.

you have constant transactions going in and right out for the whole past month… What about those? did you make these transactions?

This is not my account, it’s the account of hacker who stole it

that is the FROM address from the screenshot that you posted in the first post. Also, please open the support ticket.


ok, I found your address from info in the ticket, most likely this is your issue, you interacted with some scam smart contract allowing it t transfer your funds:

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