Missing funds after transfer

I transferred BTC, ETH, and LTC to my Trezor wallet. Initially, my LTC appeared in my wallet while coinbase notified me it would take three days for my BTC and ETH to make it to my wallet. After waiting the three days I went back to the desktop app only to find I had ZERO funds in it. I have confirmed that the transactions were complete on EtherScan and yet there are ZERO funds in my Trezor wallet. WHERE ARE MY COINS? This is a disaster, almost all of my savings have been lost in this complete mistake. I should have never have bought this wallet, I need help ASAP this is utter ridiclousness.

Hi @crypto1941

To help us better understand the issue, please provide us with more information:

Can you see the transaction history when you connect your Trezor device at https://suite.trezor.io/ ?
Is there a transaction which you do not recognize, which caused the balance to be incorrect?
Have you recently started using the Passphrase feature?
Are you sure you are checking the correct wallet?
Is the address to which you sent your funds listed in your Trezor Wallet?

I believe that answering these will help to shed some light upon this issue.

Edit: Please also check your inbox as I asked for your TxID and wallet interface screenshot.
Please send those via PM because of the sensitive nature of those information. cheers

MichalZ, @crypto1941

The same thing happened to me after I successfully transferred my ETH from Coinbase to my Trezor…all of it gone!!! I emailed Trevor support on Sep 1. They said they would look into it but it could take up to 20 days…still no word. MichalZ, What do you mean by “Are you sure you’re checking the correct wallet”? I am, by no means a techno whiz…

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Hi Shelly,

by that I mean if you’re sure that you have not created new hidden wallet by entering different passphrase.
If there is no transaction history then you are in the wrong (new), hidden wallet.

Could you please provide your ticket ID ?

MichalZ, my ticket ID is 93031 I sure hope you can help me find my ETH! I did not enter any pass phrases. In the help section, they asked if I had recently upgraded my trezor and I did not as I hadn’t logged in to it since I transferred my ETH in June.

I am having the same issue. I transferred ETH from coinbase wallet 22+ hours ago. I have verified the transaction hash on etherscan. Everything indicates it was successful yet I still have nothing in my Trezor wallet. I also had a friend send $1 of ETH to my Trezor wallet as a test. Same thing. Transaction appears good but no funds in my wallet. What do i do next? I’m missing thousands of dollars here.

My ticket ID is: 95807

Thank you, we will continue troubleshooting your issue via helpdesk.

In my case I just purchased a brand new Trezor Model One HW wallet (thinking was more secure). I connected the Trezor wallet to my laptop and installed Trezor Suite ( i created a hidden wallet with a passphrase. then I sent ETH coin from my coinbase wallet to this wallet. On the trezor side, to receive, I used the QR code. Everything looked good with the transactions AND using the etherscan.io it appears the balance is correct. Using Trezor Suite there is nothing there. I have an open case with Trezor. The ticket # is 95807. What I don’t have is any actual help from Trezor. what are my next steps?

Thank you Trezor support! With your help, I found my ETH!

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Hello Together.

I send from Bitcoin.de coins to my Trezor. But they don`t show up in the wallet.
What can I do?

Hi @Erich

Could you please provide the TxID in PM? Thank you.

Hi @Erich
Thank you for providing your TxID and further details.
I am going to answer you here so other users who got the same problem can figure out what’s going on.

You have sent your funds to Native Segwit account using Bech32 addresses and those are supported only in Trezor Suite interface.

As wallet.trezor.io has already been replaced by Trezor Suite we are not planning to add support of this account type on Trezor stable web wallet. Thank you for understanding.

More information about different types of Bitcoin account in following article:

I have an open case with Trezor support but responses are extremely slow. I still need help moving my ETH crypto to another wallet. Jirka has been helping but its painfully slow getting a response.


I transferred BTC from Binance to Trezor (suite) but the funds never appeared in the Trezor Wallet.
The BTC tx was succesfully completed but i can’t find the BTC in Trezor.

My ticket is 73427.

Thanks in advance.

I am having the same exact problem.
I am a new user Trezor T user.
I created an ETH and BTC account and transferred funds to each.
The account transaction ledger showed the funds received in each account.
I closed the application and turned off my computer.

When I logged back in to my Trezor suite an hour later, both the BTC and ETH accounts showed zero balances and no transactions. How do I fill out a help ticket?

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@juud Hi, the ticket you referred to has been answered more that two months ago

@chuck3 please fill up this form and include TxIDs of the transactions mentioned and get back to me here with a ticket ID (it will be in the subject of confirmation email you will receive).

can you help me just now i send etherium to my ronin adress but i send its to my 2nd trezor ronin account but it did not come how can i get it again

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Hi @baldotrez60 did you use Ronin bridge in order to send tokens to your Ronin account ?

Hello MichalZ,

Thank you for your reply. The problem however is still not solved. I added Native Segwit account but my funds still don’t show.

What to do?

You could try this. It’s worth a try. :slight_smile: