Malfunctioning touch screen Model T

has any one else had there model T screen start malfunctioning ?

when ever I try to put the pin or passphrase in it takes forever due to false touches and if I can not send crypto as the hold to confirm function wont register my touch for long enough to confirm the transaction.

is there any way known way to recalibrate the screen on a model T?

Hi @timsim

Sorry to hear you have been experiencing such difficulties. Although it’s very unfortunate, even this can happen by the nature of electronic devices.

Please submit an issue by using this form and include a video in which you reproduce the issue.

Once you have done it, please send me your Ticket ID to prioritize your issue. Feel free to use PM. Soon after you will be contacted.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Hi @pavel

thanks for your quick response I have opened a Ticket ID: 79225
I have made a video but could not attach it please see video in link bellow

Thanks for sending the video. Please, check your email to finish RMA process. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thanks @pavel

great customer service thanks for your help

You are welcome. Glad we could help.

Hi! I am also experiencing the same problem with my Trezor T. I just bought it last week. Is this a factory defect? Please reply.

Hi @jhingrm

If you are experiencing any difficulties with your device, please submit an issue by using this form and include a video in which you reproduce the issue.

Once you have done it, please come back to us with your Ticket ID.

Hi @pavel ,
I found the forum " Malfunctioning touch screen Model T" because I have the same problem. I checked my Trezor few days ago, which I bought almost 2 years ago (and until now normally using), and it was a big problem, almost impossible, to tap the PIN or other buttons on small LCD screen (no reaction, or wrong button) … I already wrote the form on link, I have the Ticket ID, I have the video of the problem recorded. What should I do now ? Thank you for help, Best, Martin

Hi @Martind

Thanks for reaching out and for submitting a ticket. Please, check your inbox for further updates, and come back to us. Thanks.



I hope this message finds you well.

I am also having touchscreen problems. Brand new unit, right out of the box.

When I go to enter my PIN number, random number keys click themselves, even when I am not touching the screen at all. Stranger still, the password string does not actually get any longer, so the keys may be pushing themselves randomly, but their corresponding input is not registering on the device as the next character typed.

Other times I will push the key for “6”, but the Trezor screen will randomly enter a completely different number, like “9” or “5” or whatever else it randomly decides.

Video of self-selecting buttons:

Device is completely unusable in this state.

I have already submitted a ticket with support. Ticket ID: 97795

Hope you can help.

Thank you kindly,

  • Outrageously Human

Hi @OutrageouslyHuman

Thanks for submitting your ticket. Please, check your inbox and come back to us.

hi i also have the same issues with the touch screen of my model T, at first it takes forever to input the correct pin due to faulty touches and i disabled it to lessen my hassle. Now i cant do transactions because the “hold to confirm” function in device is not working because of that faulty screen

my ticket id is. Ticket ID: 101849

hoping for your fast response and help

Thank you for providing ticket ID, we will get back to you ASAP