List of supported coins

You can find a list of all supported coins at: List of supported coins

The list provides an information about what model supports the coin in question as well as any related apps to use for a given coin.

Coins that are natively supported in our app can be managed directly via Trezor Suite:

The best practice (yet ignored by some coin’s developers) is to use unique address for your coin so they don’t get mixed, in general you could say that each coin has its own address format and own wallet. For the terminology refer to: What is account/wallet/address.

Some coins are built on top of other coin’s network, ERC-20 tokens are the great example - these are built on top of ETH network, are using ETH addresses and hence can be managed inside the ETH wallet.

Few coins are supported by 3rd party wallets - these are some memorable coins with great community we didn’t manage to implement to the Trezor Suite yet (our goal is to have them all in the Suite eventually). Thanks to our partners or given coin’s community you can however protect them by using Trezor device since integration to a 3rd party wallet is possible.

I have a trezor model one and trying to store XDC(xinfin) on it. Could use an assist.

Hi @gesara53,

XinFin (XDC) is supported by both Trezor models, but not through any of the official wallets, so you have to use a third party wallet called XDC wallet. See here for more details.

How to use XDC wallet is out of the scope of this forum though, so you should consider joining a forum for XDC wallet users to get help and tips there.

Are you going to support tokens based on Polygon? I can see that you already support MATIC


How can i add Time token from Wonderland into trezor?
Is it possible?

Hi @hustle,

No, sorry, it looks like Wonderland (TIME) is on its own network and it’s not in the official Supported Coins & tokens list.

Hello, I am wondering if your Trezor Model T will eventually support the following coins? When will this be? Why is it some coins are not supported? Is it a situation where new coins are added as Trezor sees fit? What decides this? Thanks in advance for your help. I really like my Trezor One devices and looking to get a Trezor Model T now as I want to hodl ADA.

  1. Cosmos (ATOM)
  2. Neo (NEO)
  3. PancakeSwap (CAKE)
  4. Polkadot (DOT)
  5. Solana (SOL)
  6. Terra (LUNA)
  7. Tron (TRX)
  8. Cryptocomchain (CRO)
  9. Helium (HNT)

Thanks for letting me know!



@ Petosiris

Thank you for your reply. Much respect.

When you say “not supported right now” does that mean it will be supported eventually on the Model T or will it mean Trezor will have to come out with a 3rd variation of their hardware wallet to support coins that I listed? Thanks again for your input it’s greatly appreciated.


Hi @CryptoRocket
Please note that implementing new coins and assure full and secure functionality of certain coin support is complicated and very time consuming process.
And currently we are working on (from our point of view) more important projects like implementing new features such as CoinJoin, Coin Control, Child pays for Parents, Trezor Password manager, Android mobile app and many others…
Thus support of coins you have mentioned won’t happen anytime soon.
Thank you for understanding.

@ MichalZ

I see. Thank you for your input. So probably best for me to purchase one Trezor Model T and wait for the next hardware wallet version that will have more coins supported by it. I was going to purchase three Trezor Model T devices but if that is the case I’ll just get the one Model T for now and then wait for the next Trezor wallet release. I have a Ledger device but I don’t like it and prefer Trezor for many reasons and I just trust Trezor more. I appreciate the education. Thank you again.



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Mostly, new coins & tokens will be added through a new Firmware release so you can assume that a Trezor Model T will support them in the future, unless SatoshiLabs says differently. When a new Trezor model comes to market it may support more coins & tokens than the previous flagship (this is what happened when Model T replaced Model One), but we haven’t heard about a new model coming soon.

My guess is that a new future Trezor will have more memory and be faster than Model T, perhaps some new unique features suported by hardware too, but I don’t expect it to be revolutionary different than Model T. However, I really don’t know so this is only speculations.

@ Petosiris

Thanks for your input.

So if I have a Trezor One and a Ledger would you recommend getting the Trezor Model T as I can store my ADA on my Ledger so no real need for the Trezor Model T. Any idea when the next Trezor device would be available if that is the case? We are probably looking at some time seeing that the Trezor Model T was released relatively recently wouldn’t you think?

So is it possible that the Trezor One and the Trezor Model T both have new coins added to them that they support that aren’t supported as of now?

Thanks again for the updates.


I have no idea. Note that I didn’t say there’d be a new Trezor device.

About your other questions, I can only say that buying another Trezor Model T sounds like a good idea. :+1:

@ Petosiris

Thanks for the input!


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Is it possible to support MarsCoin? I have a bunch of Mars with… and I want to get them out of that Exchange… as they steal my coins regularly. They are a scam site.
I already got all my Doge off the exchange into my Trezor. But really want be able to Buy Mars using my Trezor Suit, and hold MarsCoins also without any hassle. I am NOT an experienced user.

Also… how do I update the listed Coins on my Trezor T?

If you mean MarsCoin (MC), it’s an ERC-20 token and therefore supported by Trezor. See here about how to add it to Trezor Suite. After you’ve done that you can transfer your MC tokens to Trezor.

Note that when you add a new token to Trezor Suite and don’t use it, then it’ll be removed automaticly when you disconnect your Trezor device, because it’s empty.

In Trezor Suite, go to Settings → Crypto and select the coins you want to show. You can also go to the same crypto list directly from Dashboard by pressing the + Enable more coins button/link to the right off the Assets header.

I can see the list of supported coins, but I can;t find any instructions on how to add them to my trezor suite or online account. Currently I only see these
So how do I eg, #FTM, or #SOL, etc?