Only 14 COINS in Trezor Suite?

Good morning, I have Trezor T and the Trezor Suite program only shows 14 coins, it’s ridiculous. It is supposed to support more than 1800 currencies, but I only see that I can list 14. How can I add the rest? Currencies like SYSCOIN, SHIBA, etc are not there. look into the column wallet, as for ERC20 tokens those are stored on ETH address

also, search the forum, it has been discussed many times

I am a new user. Trezor claims 1,8k different coins/tokens can be stored, but I only see 14 coins/tokens mostly BTC and ETH based. How can I add the others (SOL, etc)? I dont see any add token to the list option.

Thank you for the answers in advance.

see this thread List of supported coins