Help! I'm stuck in Bootloader mode 1.10.0 NEW DEVICE (Trezor One) Device detected in incorrect state-This Trezor is in bootloader mode

Hi, my wallet has an account but it says “connected” BUT it also says “This Trezor is in bootloader mode.”

How can I remove that account :frowning:

Have you tried this?

Hi everyone. I just received my Trazor One and was in the middle of setting it up when my girlfriend accidentally removed the Trazor from the USB. I started the process over again but this time It’s in bootloader mode and I have NO PASSWORD, NO RECOVERY 12 WORD LIST, NO NOTHING. Everything I have read says factory reset but I can’t even do that because I can’t even connect the Trezor to suit to do that. Please Help!

Hi @Hulk1810,

Please try the tip Pavel suggests two posts up.
Also see here: [INFO] Trezor stuck in bootloader mode (1.10.0) during firmware update

good evening everyone. i have a problem with my trezor it was stucked in bootloader mode. but the other problem is when i click on the change device i already have two accounts on my trezor? what wiill i do… i need help. thanks in advance

Hi @kapitanmafia, I am not sure I understand this part: “when i click on the change device i already have two accounts on my trezor”. Could you clarify what exactly is going on with your Trezor? Opening a ticket would be helpful: Please post your ticket ID here.
It would be great if you could also provide a step-by-step reconstruction of what has happened.