Firmware update need recovery seed?

Will the update need the recovery seed? Misplaced my recovery seeds, but I still have access to the hardware.

Hi @jojo_garcia,

If there’s an error during the update you may need the Recovery seed, yes. So best to make a new seed before you try to update the Firmware. This is what you need to do:

  • Move all funds out of your Trezor to another wallet temporarily.
  • Reinitialize your Trezor with a Factory reset and set it up from the beginning again with a new seed. Be sure to write down the seed.
  • Test the new seed in a Dry run.
  • Move the funds back to Trezor from the temporary wallet.

Hello @Petosiris. I have a similar problem to @jojo_garcia. I have my trezor wallet. I also have the PIN. But I have lost the seed. I had not connected/checked my trezor in a long time (at least 2 years). Today, when I tried to access it for the first time, the system wanted to force me to do a firmware update. But that requires the seed - which I do not have! So, how can I access my Trezor now? Thank you.

Hi @Marty99,

If you lost your seed and cannot get access to your Trezor without updating the Firmware first, you just have to trust your luck and update the firmware while hoping it goes without problems. I’ve never experienced any problems myself when updating the firmware, but I know many people have.

If the firmware update went Ok, see my post above yours for what to do next.

thank you! i will keep my fingers crossed

Hi ,

I did not update my trezor wallet since 2017 . I wanted to do it now because I need to send USDT to my trezor wallet . I tried dry run to test my recovery seed is ok before I do update but 2 times it say invalid seed . I am pretty sure my seed are correct . Can you help with this issue please?Thank you

“you just have to trust your luck and update the firmware while hoping it goes without problems.”

Does that mean I DON’T need the seed to recover the account if the firmware upgrading goes without problems? That is, having the seed in hand is ONLY for the case of a failed upgrading. Is that correct?

I don’t know what your situation is @xzhang, or if it’s the same as the user I replied to above. If we’re talking about Firmware upgrades only then you must have your seed if you currently have Firmware version 1.6.1.

Not to be difficult, but I can’t say a definite answer to you, because your two questions could be seen to be about two different things and your last question is too general. If I answered affirmative in this context it could easily be misunderstood for someone seeing your last question as a different case. For instance it could be interpreted as you’d only need your Recovery seed for possible Firmware upgrade fails in the future, which is not true.

So if you want a better answer you must give us more information about your situation for asking.

Edit: I see now that you’ve asked this in another thread too, but with more information. Note that my reply to you here is based on your questions in this thread. Please don’t ask about the same topic in different forum threads. Thank you.

Here is my situation:

  1. My firmware version is 1.11.1 (I see the newest version is 1.11.2).
  2. I have saved my recovery seed in a safe place, not with me. However, since it’s not with me, it’s kind of troublesome to get it.
  3. I would prefer a firmware upgrading without recovery see if that’s possible.
  4. But I can afford the case of things going wrong, because I would be able to retrieve my recovery seed to recover the account. It’s troublesome, but affordable.
  5. I do not want to create a new account since my current recovery seed is safely stored. If I create a new account, then I need to save my recovery seed again, which takes efforts.

I hope I have explained my situation clearly.
In this scenario, I want to know if I can just go ahead and upgrade the firmware without recovery seed in hand. I am hoping that, if thing goes smoothly, I don’t bother to retrieve my recovery seed. However, it won’t be the end of the day if upgrading had failed – I can still retrieve my recovery seed, which is just a little troublesome.

Answered here.

Please continue talking with the Support personel about this case through email.

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support got it resolved… ty!