Discovery Error - ETH Wallet

Anyone else having trouble accessing a hidden ETH wallet?

I was successfully connected to the wallet in Trezor Suite. Exited the suite, disconnected the wallet. Forgot something so I went back to my computer, opened suite, connected wallet, entered pin & passphrase, and the balances for the wallet fail to load. To clarify, the balances do not show zero, rather there is an error that is causing them to fail to load.

I’m confident I’m entering the right passphrase as I have it securely written down and I was just looking at the balance moments ago. I also checked the address to confirm the balance is still there, and it is.

Also, other crypto showing up with the same passphrase. Only ETH Wallet is missing.

I tried reconnecting several times and continue to have issues. Specifically, Trezor Suite is showing “Discovery issue”

Accounts were not loaded properly.

Ethereum: Worker runtime error: Uncaught Error: Unhandled error. (undefined)

Out of curiosity, I reconnected and went to a standard wallet (no passphrase) just to see what happens with the standard ETH Wallet, and the same worker runtime error is showing up. The standard ETH Wallet fails to load and show any balance. As a result, I think there is something with the ETH Wallet in general on Trezor Suite as I can’t successfully load an ETH Wallet, passphrase or not, without getting the runtime error.

I also tried to access via Trezor Web Suite and saw the same error.

Is the ETH Wallet in Trezor comparable with MyEthWallet? In other words, if it’s a Trezor Suite ETH Wallet issue, would the funds be able to be accessed if going directly My ETH Wallet and connecting there?

RESOLVED - I was in the standard wallet (no passphrase) trying to connect to the ETH Wallet. I kept getting discovery issues. I even got a backend issue once. Out of curiosity, I disabled the TOR network feature, retried connecting to the ETH Wallet, and BOOM - I got a confirmed balance of $0.00.

As I was able to successfully connect, I then tried accessing my hidden wallet. Entered the passphrase, and the correct ETH balances loaded.

Long story short, something with the TOR network was causing the ETH Wallet connectivity issue.

If you are having ETH Wallet issues in Trezor Suite, disable the TOR network feature, and retry.

I am still curious if the Trezor Suite ETH Wallet could be accessed via MEW directly. Anyone’s thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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was just about to ask if you use Tor browser.
This is a known issue as Tor browser can experience some outages sometimes (e.g. due to DDoS attacks):

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Yeah you can just pair your Trezor with MEW by exporting your public key and entering passphrase (if enabled and used). Then simply choose desired ETH address (derived from your private key) you want to access.

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Thank you so much for confirming! I thought that might be the case, but wasn’t sure. Great to know the ETH Wallet’s phrase & keys can be used direct on MEW.

That is it! Thank you for sharing! Very much appreciate your feedback! Relieved as well!

no problem at all man, happy to help :wink:

Hey nater98, I was getting this same issue. I did not have and never had TOR enabled. After reading this, I enabled TOR and can now see my tokens. Your post helped a lot. Thanks.