Discovery error - allbackends are down

Heiii @community support

I am having trouble loading my wallet when brew services tor is enabled.

get these errors when brew services tor enabled

Screenshot 2022-09-14 at 13.36.39
Screenshot 2022-09-14 at 13.35.57

I also read these posts
discovery error, account discovery and desktop app: tor connection

On this last Jan/21 post the problem has been identified.

Any news on this matter?


are you referring to this?

If yes, then I suppose there will be issues, this will prevent proper connection.

The issues you posted were related to built in Tor in Suite.

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@forgi what I meant was when I have tor running you can’t connect trezor suite, all backends down error.

This was identified in jan/21 in this:


The problem persists…

I understand, but this issues are about built in Tor in Suite.

You are running separate Tor on your computer right?

Ohhhh ok i get it now @forgi

And yes I also run tor through brew services…

By the way how do I get my post to be eligible/considered solution :white_check_mark:

Or is this just for community support and Regular members don’t have this option?


you mean here on the forum? Click three dots on the post and click on Solution.

Yes @forgi here on the forum, ok but for me not all post give me this option.

Usually when I reply to a post, giving correct info, I don’t see this option, that’s why in 6months I only have one post as solution even though I have given quite a few.

Do I have to do anything on my post for this option to appear?

(I was starting to think that this would only be available for community support members?)

I usually am connected on brave through vpn could this be an issue?