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Some coins aren’t supported directly by Trezor, instead they are accessed using third-party wallets and secured by your Trezor device. Please note we don’t provide support for third-party wallets. This category is intended for discussion about how to use them properly.

I am not clear which coins are directly supported by Trezor. 13 doesn’t seem much. I have tried using Metamask but it doesn’t have an option to connect to Trezor, and don’t want to create a ton of wallets in different 3rd party apps to test out which one will eventually be user friendly enough. Any suggestions?

Hi @Flamme2021 ,
please see these articles, as vast majority of supported tokens are ERC-20 tokens.

Hi, I use trezor with metamask(third party). I transfer xrp from binance to trezor-metamask red BSC, and I didn t receive my xrp :(. They disappeared.
On BSCscan was success but I dont see them :(.
I spoke with binance and metamask support and nothing.
BSCscan says My xrp are in my my wallet address trezor but why I can t see them on metamask-trezor.
I also check my trezor in exodus and nothing.

Help me, please.

Hi Isaac, I also have problems with metamask trezor, although it is not the same as yours. When you place the passphrase that is exactly the same as the one you initially placed for the first time, that is, capitals and minuscules, spaces, because I realized that if you change something, trezor connects you with a new wallet. I hope you can get your funds back; if yes please share it because it is important to know what you did. Best regards

I don t speak english well: *capital and small letters