ERC20 tokens

The vast majority of supported coins are ERC20 tokens. These are built on top of the ETH network, use ETH addresses, and so must be managed via an Ethereum-compatible Wallet. For more detailed info check our user manual: ERC20 tokens - Trezor Wiki

  • Trezor recently released Trezor Suite which features a native ETH Wallet:
  • To receive ERC20 tokens just use the ETH address as the receiving address. Once the token is received you should see it in the transaction history automatically.

Note: If you send your ERC20 tokens from Binance, make sure you use Ethereum (ETH) transfer network.

Hi i have done this and can see my link tokens now in the transactions. How do i send them again though ?

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When in your ETH account, click on SEND and in the AMOUNT field select the desired token to send - there is an arrow which opens the drop down menu:

i dont have that drop down

I see. My screenshot was from the Trezor Suite and you use Trezor Wallet. From your screenshot it seems you have no token in this particular account, otherwise there would be an arrow next to ETH in the amount field:


I might have misunderstood your issue. Do I understand it correctly you see your ERC20 token in the ETH account and when you click on Send in this account, you have no choice to sent out the token?
Or you don’t see the token you have sent to your ETH address in your account?

yes i can see my tokens in the transactions as the screenshot above. But i cant select them in the send window. I dont know how to get my tokens out of the transaction area.

Do you see LINK in your balance in the summary tab?

If not, add it by typing LINK. You should be able to send it once in the summary.