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This is a place to provide any feedback on Trezor or Trezor Suite, request new features or discuss anything related.

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The QR code of the app version is a bit small, which is inconvenient for the mobile phone to scan the code on the computer screen for identification.Especially the QR code of xpub.

yes, this is a known issue, Product team knows about this. Thank you.

It is strongly recommended that in the package of the trezor, add red words on the instructions for use: carefully read the instructions on the following webpage, otherwise it is likely to cause loss of assets
Then explain the passphrase problem after connecting MM wallet and trezor in the website.
A simple printing change can avoid the asset loss of tens of thousands of people in the future. Why not do it?

I’ve been using the Feedback function in Trezor Suite for desktop, but it doesn’t seem to reach the right people. Is this forum more preferred?

we gather that feedback too, but it has to be relevant, evaluated …it takes some time to implement features.

Sure, I understand. But I was more thinking about bugs I’ve reported. One problem with the feedback funtion itself is that I don’t receive any copy of the report so I tend to forget it until I stumble upon it again later.

Hello @forgi
hope your all doing well

Because I am quite a bit interested in all this, and want to help as best I can.
I took the liberty of converting each web page of the trezor suite user manual into a pdf.

My goal is to have it always available without the need of an internet connection.
As I am constantly consulting the manual.

I think this could be helpful, how about you?

Can I create a new topic and upload the pdf file or multiple files?
Could we have a downloadable version of these user manuals?



@rimaS amazing, I will send you DM

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I mostly use the model t as a password manager. It would be awesome in a future model to have a small storage space set aside to store passwords on the device (like 256 mb would be more than enough for multiple wallets).
In the meantime, would it be possible to allow local storage on the computer instead of hosting in the a 3rd party site like Google Drive and Dropbox on the password manager chrome plugin?
Also, any plans on adding a Firefox addon? They’re beefing up their sandbox in recent years. You can also add addon support for Firefox mobile as well, and people could use the password manager on their phone too. Unfortunately, Chrome and any chrome based mobile browsers on android (and safari-based chrome on iPhone too I guess) do not support addons :frowning:

Anyways, thanks for the work! God bless.

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Heiii @ortho

i think this is on the road map, or at least was an idea for microSd capable storage.

For the moment microSD can only be used for Micro SD protection

This is possible for storing labels on crypto wallet.

So yes I agree there could be an option to store locally.



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Where did the New Site design thread go, @forgi? Was it archived or deleted?

I have some new comments that belongs there.