Zero balance after Win11 and Trezor Suite reinstall

I don’t recall if I clicked the link or not to the phishing email. But I did download an updated version of Trezor Suite right when I read the fake email (don’t remember if through the fake link, or if I went to official trezor site). When I installed the updated version (fake or real), recovery seed was never entered anywhere, and only used Trezor T for PIN and passphrase. Because I don’t remember, better to be safe and I wiped by laptop and reinstalled Win11 and Trezor Suite. Now after Win11 and Suite reinstall, when I type in my PIN on Trezor T and enter my passphrase to hidden wallet, balance is zero. Not sure if I need to use recovery seed for this? Maybe it’s creating a new hidden wallet instead of accessing the old one? Trezor Suite isn’t clear on what it’s doing (creating new wallet or not). The button says “Access hidden wallet”. After I type in my passphrase, it asked me to reconfirm because the wallet is empty. And the Suite instruction manual shows a button for seed recovery, but I don’t see that option.

Hi @vegan_wiz

Is there any transaction history in the Hidden wallet you are now able to access?
If so, is there a transaction that you do not recognized that caused the balance to be zero ?

Actually what I didn’t do initially is enable all the coins I had. I thought they’d show up automatically but they didn’t. After enabling them, everything showed up. Thank you!