XMR Trezor and GUI wallet

Hi I am having issue recovering my Trezor XMR. Exodus wallet is having issue with XMR and is down until they can fix it but i need the funds asap. I download GUI wallet and creat a new wallet from hardware, It makes me enter a passphrase but Which passphrase is this? The one from the trezor suite wallet? I usually have this blank or no password. So should I just keep this blank? So far I have not been able to recover the wallet seems like im doing something wrong each time i make a wallet.

i’ve never really used exodus wallet, somehow…, I just don’t really like it. (not sure why, but anyway…)

however, i have used the monero gui many times.

First if you used a passphrase with exodus XMR, then the same passphrase will be needed with monero gui.
You also need the block height or when the XMR wallet (with exodus) first received funds.

then the gui will sync the blockchain back to that date or height. Without this being correct the wallet funds amount will probably be wrong. If you don’t know the date, but might be able to guess it, input a date a day before perhaps.
With XMR, always remember (note down) the block height when you created the wallet. This is something that is important with monero wallets, due to the different way that they work.

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Thanks I think I figured it out. I Some how didn’t create a passphrase when I made my trezor so I just skipped it when Trezor was asking me and it worked. And yes the height was important.

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