Why can't I find a wallet address in Trezor

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Hi I’m just wondering if anyone can assist someone (yes me) who’s evidently struggling with ‘‘tech’’.
So I have Metamask setup with my Trez address’s on it. (8 in total, some hidden and some standard). Yesterday on MM I transferred some tokens to a wallet address that was showing it was a Trez address on MM. These tokens transferred successfully. Now today when I want to send those tokens to another wallet address its not allowing me to do it. (I have tried multiple times). I then go onto Trezor Suite and put that particular wallet address into the search bar and there is no address recognized. (All the others are recognized). Thinking about it now, this address was maybe deleted a couple of years ago on Trezor suite. So my question/s is.

  1. If I still have the address details (on Metamask) am I somehow able to reinstate this address.
  2. If not, are those tokens that sit on that particular address in Metamask now stuck there?

Thanks in advance to those that are maybe able to assist…

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