What the....? New wallet every plug in? Failed dry run but valid not this device?

A buddy suggested I frequently check dry recovery randomly. It FAILED. WTF? I retried.

Prompt “valid but not for this device.” :expressionless:

Wtf? I only have one trezor. My buddy suggested sending it to another wallet, wipe trezor, and recover the wallet, and resend it to trezor after.

I sort of wished I left it alone but I could lose everything if a firmware update.

It’s been a headache. No clue what happened. Upon plugging in my trezor, it says in activity “new wallet created?” no clue what’s going on.

It’s been a week despite a 7 hour eta transfer. I can’t bump fee? It won’t all me.

Lessons learned.

Advice? I really like my trezor. This is very annoying.

  1. Why can’t I bump fee?

  2. Why does activity say new wallet every plug in?

  3. Wtf is “valid but not for this device?” I got only my trezor.

My plan was to resend it to trezor after but this has been a nightmare.


Hi @bitcoin,

First, I would like to mention that your buddy has advised you correctly. It is recommended to check if your recovery seed backup is created correctly regularly (for example before firmware updates).

Also, if the recovery seed backup does not match the recovery seed stored in your Trezor device, you should move your funds to a new wallet (backed up with a new recovery seed). The process of how to do it can be found at Recovery seed phrase has been compromised: moving funds to a new wallet (see section “Lost your recovery seed”).

Find answers to your questions below:

  1. Information on how to bump the fee can be found at Replace-by-fee (RBF) Bitcoin in Trezor Suite application. The reason why you cannot bump the fee can be for example that the RBF feature is disabled for the transaction.

  2. This is currently the standard message in the “Activity” tab when the desired wallet is accessed. We are aware that it is confusing for the users and will change this flow.

  3. This message means that the recovery seed backup you checked is a valid seed but not the same one that is currently stored in your Trezor device. Is it possible that you have more recovery seed backups? For example from a SW wallets? If so, make sure to check the correct recovery seed backup.