What should I do if I lost my Trezor T?

What should I do if I lost my Trezor T?
I have a new (second) unopened Trezor T but want to know how to transfer the old Trezor T account over to it to make the old one non-usable if someone finds it and succeeds to hack into it.

I do have my numeric phrase offline and safely separate from the lost Trezor T.


Hi @lookingforhelp,

You can do a Recovery by entering your old seed into the new Trezor Model T, instead of making a new seed during initial setup. Choose the Recover wallet button (see image below). If you used a Passphrase in your lost Trezor, then you’ll have to remember that too. You can use Trezor Suite or the Trezor Start website to do the Recovery, but since you have a Trezor Model T, I’d advice you to use Trezor Suite.

After you’ve finished the Recovery, your new Trezor will be a mirror copy of your lost Trezor. Remember to enable all the coins you worked with in your lost Trezor so you see the balances. If you used a Passphrase in your lost Trezor, this is the time you’ll need to enter that to access your Hidden wallet.

Now, since it’s possible that someone will find your lost Trezor and hack it or crack the PIN you’ve (hopefully) assigned to use for logins, I’d advice you to move your funds out of the new Trezor temporarily, once you have recovered your funds, and into a wallet in a Software or Online exchange, then wipe and setup your new Trezor again but this time with a new seed. Once the Trezor is set up again with a new seed, you can transfer your funds back to it.

Note: Remember to write down you new seed too!

A better solution is to move all your funds to a second Trezor Model T (after it’s set up with a new seed), instead of to a Software or Online exchange wallet, but that’ll require you to purchase yet another Trezor T.

This requires some manual work, but it’s worth it in an emergency situation, in my opinion.

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Hi @lookingforhelp

Check out also our last article on our blog which is related to your question :v::


Thanks, MichalZ, I read the article but it just did not seem as clear or step by step at the answer above. If you work with Trazor please consider including the specifics of a lost one too with multiple levels of recovery and security. I could nit find this in the Wiki or in the search. The Title should be “What should I do if I lose or believe my Trezor T was stolen?”

This was wonderful! Thanks! I hope soon Trezor will have a clear page on what do if you Trezor is lost or stolen. It still could be in my house. The issue that you addressed was if it was found and they could have all the geer and ability to hack the device how to I make sure I am safe and you nailed it with the option of transferring it to a new Wallet. Thanks and hope to stay in touch you explain things well.

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Thank you for your kind words. I’m happy that I could help you. :slight_smile:

I have other questions I would love to ask you and it does not look like this has a message system. I will post them here if they are related to Trezor.

Ask away! I cannot guarantee I can answer (I’m a beginner myself), but others will then be able to. :slight_smile: