Lost trezor (possible recover)

Hi everyone!

I have lost my trezor (I’m 70% sure that is in my house but don’t know where) but I need to move funds.

  1. I’m going to buy a new Model T
  2. recover in it with seed phrase
  3. then move the funds to another wallet (online wallet),
  4. then configure the new trezor again (removing old seed phrase and creating a new one as explained here)
  5. move back the funds to the new Trezor.

It’s the best way to recover everything?

Also, If I found my lost trezor, it will be ready to use if I use my seed phrase to recover it on another one?


Hello @Juls

I agree with all of your procedures, and I have done this several times.

Just keep in mind when moving your into the new wallet to send a small amount in and out to confirm that you everything correctly setup.

I have had loss of funds because of misspelling typos on passphrases.
Be very cautious with your passphrases as if you input one wrong character it will open a new empty wallet.