What if I don't update my firmware?

In general it’s advised to always update your device’s firmware to the latest available version as new firmware usually brings either new features or some security fixes or improvements.

Only firmware versions featuring major security fixes are mandatory, others are voluntary so it’s really up to you.

We understand that BTC and crypto is about hodl and big number of users may not use their Trezor on regular basis but rather use it from time to time to check or spend their precious sats. In general this shouldn’ŧ be a problem but from time to time a firmware update is necessary.

Some coins do undergo updates or upgrades to its code and functionality and some of these changes are not backwards compatible, hence you may need update the firmware in order to access/send/receive given coin (please, note that this is not matter of Trezor Wallet but the coin itself, we need to update the code so the coin can be used with Trezor).

How does one verify if an email from Trezor is legit and not a spam or phishing attempt ?
eg. A Trezor Suite update is ready to download

The latest update for Trezor Suite (21.3.1) is now ready to download from the official Trezor Suite landing page, suite.trezor.io.


we don’t only send an email about the updates. We post the blog article along with the updates as well. You can also verify what we post on social medias, where we mention it as well. If still not sure, you can always ask us. This new update is from yesterday is 21.5.1 version actually.

Hi there - I’ve not updated my firmware but now it’s not letting me access any etherium smart contracts through metamask. It’s saying I need to update firmware but it’s working fine on smart chain and others just not ETH. I can’t update firmware currently as I don’t have my seed key to hand. How can I access my funds without the firmware update?

I use Trezor suite regularly and never had a notice saying that I’d be unable to access ETH smart contracts due to not updating firmware. And obviously I cant update firmware without my seed.

Also just seen I can’t access contracts on Matic and Moonriver chains without firmware upgrade. When did this happen I was using it barely 2 weeks ago and without warning V 1.10.0 won’t work on these networks.

Absolutely crazy there were no notifications on Trezor Suite flagging this, I use TS almost every day and it just says “Update Firmware” not “Update Firmware within 10 days or you’ll lose access to ERC20, Matic and Movr chains”.

Any help much appreciated - got all my BSC assets off of Trezor now as I don’t trust this will cease to work like the others!