Wallet recovery

Two wallets on the suite app are showing empty, while the same wallets on the web app are showing correct amounts. Directions for recovering wallets says: “During the second step of setting up your Trezor Model T (the first stage is installing the firmware), choose the ‘Recover wallet’ option:”
However, I’m not trying to set up the Trezor, it’s already set up. I just want to access the “recover wallet” option. Any pointers most appreciated… Thanks.


No problem, if you already have the firmware installed then it’ll automatically skip over that step (it will do a quick check that firmware is installed and just let you carry on). Then you’ll be at the “recover wallet” option screen.

So literally run the Suite app, plug your device in, give it a few seconds and just click through the options on the PC screen (it will run a quick check to ensure you have the latest firmware). Then you’ll reach the “recover wallet” or “setup new wallet” screen. Don’t worry, when the latest firmware is already setup on the device it will know and it will let you skip past all that. If there is a new firmware available it will ask if you want to install it. That’s all. Either way, you’ll reach the “restore wallet” screen soon enough.

PS: “recover wallet” and “restore wallet” are literally the same thing. It’s just the way I say it lol.

legand is not a word, you did not write it down correctly. It is either “legal” or “elegant”.

So not a bug, but a user error.

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It’s possible that I wrote down legand instead of legend?

yes, it could be “legend” too. You just wrote down the word incorrectly.

Please, try it with one of those words, you will see that one will work.