Wallet not loading after suite and wallet firmware upgrade

I updated the suite and then the wallet firmware (prompted to after suite upgrade).

Suite version is now 24.2.4.

Wallet version is at 2.6.4.

I am now receiving a discovery error. Balance states Asset not loaded correctly. Have not had any issues with using the wallet post purchase up until today. I did open a support ticket but is there an simple way to discover my wallet and balance?

Thank you - MM

Sorry it is a Model T wallet.

I am having the same problem. I just downloaded trezor suite on a new computer and attached my trezor wallet and i am getting a “discovery error” and bitcoin “backends down”. I geminied it and they said it could be down on Trezor’s end and to wait a bit and retry. anyone else have any advice?

I did notice the backend down message at some point although a few minutes prior there were no issues. I am good as long as the funds in the wallet will be once again intact.

I’m pretty sure they will be. I just hope it is sooner rather than later. would be helpful to know if it is down in general and/or if others are experiencing this problem.

I will try this.

That was strange. Plugged in the wallet and fired up the suite. The wallet connected instantly like normal and the balance is intact.