Using new computer and Balance not showing

In more simpler terms- I am using a different computer than normal and installed Trezor Suite. My balance is not showing. I’ve checked the coin addresses and they have not been moved - not been compromised. Should I not be able to just plug my Trezor hardware into a separate computer for which I just downloaded Suite and be able to see my balance and access my coins?!?! Starting to regret this hardware purchase. thanks for any help

Hi @DireStraits

You can connect your Trezor to any host device and access your wallet when the same recovery seed is used and the same passphrase is entered (if enabled and used). There is no exception. It always generates the same wallet including the same accounts having the same addresses in the same order. The public-key cryptography ensures it generates always the same result.

Can you see the transaction history when you connect your Trezor device at
Is the address to which you sent your funds listed in your Trezor Wallet?
Have you recently started using the Passphrase feature?
Are you sure you are checking the correct wallet?

I believe that answering these will help to shed some light upon this issue.

Thank you for your time in responding. I actually stumbled upon the solution and my oversight which was causing the problem… the issue being that when I installed Trezor Suite on a second computer, I still needed to manually select ETH to show on my dashboard or whatever. That’s the only coin that I own. So, the new install was only showing BTC, which I didn’t have any. A simple adjustment in the settings was all I needed. Seems they’d have something on the screen reminding of such. Anyway, thank you MichalZ for your time.

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no problem. I am glad your issue has been resolved :raised_hands: