Unable to access my wallets due to account discovery in Trezor suite-both web and desktop app

Hi, When I connect my Trezor Suite using MacBook Pro , i was not able to see my balances as it showed account discovery error on all wallets. I tried using both web and desktop applications. I even tried resetting my application but the still the error persists.

Please advice.

Hello @A_G,

If your account information is not loading, this is usually caused by connection issues on the backend. Your funds are not at risk.

You can check the status of blockbook servers at https://status.trezor.io/

  1. Please try to click green “Retry” button several times and if this would not help, reset Trezor Suite application from Settings → Application → App storage → Reset app

  1. If you use VPN or proxy server, please try to disable it and check your accounts again after restarting Trezor Suite.

  2. Disable or enable the TOR feature in the bottom left corner in Trezor Suite:

I have been experiencing the same problem more and more but have found out that it is caused by the ProtonVPN that I am using.

Hello @Bored,

It’s true that some VPN providers might block our servers, if you insist on using the VPN, switching to a different VPN provider usually fix this issue.

@dk_SL : Proton and Trezor are the only brands I trust. Therefore, to switch provider is not a serious option. Switching the VPN server (e.g. to Germany) helps as well.

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