Two devices with one seed passphrase problem

I have two “Mobile T” devices, one as primary and the second as secondary, both with the same seed. When I use them, I see the same “standard wallet,” but different “hidden wallets” using the same passphrase. I don’t understand why this happens.

It’s because you’re actually using a different passphrase. The fact that you see the same standard wallet confirms it.

Double- and triple-check the passphrase. Enter carefully on Trezor screen on both – or, enter on PC on both and carefully read the passphrase as shown on Trezor screen. Upper/lowercase matters, spaces matter too.

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Another option is that you’re mistaken about seeing the same standard wallet? E.g., one of them is remembered, and when you plug in the other device, you still see the balances from the other Trezor. You could click the eject icon (“forget”) on all accounts and then see if the right one comes up.

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I’ve checked “standard wallet” on both devices, using two different PC, and i see correct amount.
I made a simple test
on First device - create wallet with “TestWalletFirst” passphrase, on Second device - create wallet with “TestWalletSecond”, top up both wallets and check both devices. I got strange results

Device Standard TestWalletFirst TestWalletSecond
First +. + -
Second + + +

I created one more wallet on device “Second” with passphrase “TestWalletSecond2”, and got access to the wallet with passphrase “TestWalletSecond”. I’ve checked it twice on two deferent PCs ( pc and mobile phone ). I don’t understand anything

I have checked once again and it seems that passphrased wallets are only visible on the device where they were initially created, except for the “standard” wallet. Despite my attempts to change the passphrases and utilize different devices (phones, Macs, Windows), I consistently obtained the same result.

This is not true and not how it. If needed you’re able the recover use the recovery seed words + passphrase in any compatible wallet (there are plenty compatible with the BIP in question)

You cannot change a passphrase, it does not work like a password

As @matejcik are mentioned in his response.

I suggest you read these two articles:

Passphrases everything you need to know

what exact steps do you use to check whether the wallet you are opening is the same?

because your previous results said that at least one of the passphrased wallets came up the same

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