Trezor trying to scam me?

@BtcLtc I don’t think it should, but that is something that he has to check with that wallet support

bottom line, user must remember or record the passphrase correctly, if someone is using a passphrase/string of letters that could possibly change over time without users knowledge, then that is a huge mistake

but thx for the insight, if that is true then there could easily be a mistype…

Trezor is a big scam. They are using their encrypted hidden wallet to defraud their customers. Everything about the hidden wallet is shady. My life savings is trapped in Trezor hidden wallet and they will never deploy any practical solution to solving problem or help anyone recover their money.

The Trezor device malfunctioned and created a different account with same recovery seed and passphrase.

How is it possible that I was able to log in to my account the same day, enter my passphrase, show my address and receive ETH to my account.

Immediately I updated my device and restarted my system to log in to my account, the account that has my funds disappeared and Trezor created different accounts with zero balance.

This is a technical error on the trezor. They have refused to find a practical solution. I am 100% sure about my recovery seed and passphrase.

It is now obvious that Trezor as criminal organization are simply using the hidden wallet to defraud gullible customers because everything about this hidden wallet is shady. This looks like a scam to me. They will keep saying the same thing and not seeking practical solutions to customer’s complaints.

I will say it again, the same recovery seed and exact passphrase created different account.

They will keep responding in a computerized manner and will never transfer case to their technical team to solve problems. My life savings is on Trezor account.

I am willing to provide what ever information that would be required from me. I can come see then in person but they refused. I can provide what ever they may ask for for verification.

Each time I am logging in to my Trezor account, I would enter my passphrase to access my hidden wallet. Also, same Passphrase I entered to show full address each time I receive ETH or USDT to my account.

If I can enter the exact passphrase to show my full address and receive money to my account, how come when i want to send out funds it will say insufficient funds for gas? This can only be fraud if Trezor system is configured in this way. If I enter wrong passphrase, it shouldn’t open my account or show full address, rather it should create a new account as you have stated on your site. This exact passphrase I entered each time I receive money into my account.

Then, when I logged into my account from another computer system, with the exact passphrase, it created different account. A day after I have updated my Trezor device.

Meanwhile, it was the same day I logged in from another computer system I noticed this issues. Then, that same day, I was able to log into my account from my computer system with the exact Passphrase to receive 500USD in ETH.

Before I started receiving funds into my account after I set up my Trezor model T device, first thing I did was to perform a simulated recovery to check my back up and confirm my recovery and it was successfully. Then, I enter my passphrase each time to show my full address to receive funds. I have only received ETH and USDT to my account. I have received 4 transactions and each time I would enter the exact passphrase to show my full address to receive funds into same account. Most of these transactions was done on different occasions.

You have to believe when I said that the Trezor device malfunctioned and created different account with the same passphrase and recovery seed.

If you do not believe this, then deploy a practical means to finding out what happened.

I moved all my funds from Binance to Trevor with the believe that I am keeping my funds in a safe place.

I studied thoroughly about Trezor prior to using it. I have done all they have suggested and yet I could not see my funds.

I will provide them with any form of verification they will require to assist me recover my money. If they want my international passport, video verification, Binance account history and verification of ownership of Binance account, any form of verification to prove the funds is mine and I’m not trying to claim someone else funds. Anything you want me to do.

I’m 100% sure I used the same Passphrase and recovery seed.

Each time I entered my passphrase, I used to cross check very well. It has never created any other account for me until the day I tried to log in from another system.

I am already discussing with my legal team on the possible legal means of bringing this criminal organization down.

If you are having similar issues, please let us unite and work as team. This fraud from Trezor stop.

#trezor hidden wallet is a scam.


Well sorry hear you have lost access to your wallet.

Most common argument for this in 99% (i would even dare to say 100%) of the time is that you are inputing the wrong passphrase.
Passphrase is case sensitive so make sure you are entering the exact same string of characters you originally input.

No one has access to your account/funds with incorrect passphrase or recovery seed words.

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@Gimuxexchnage please read this post from our developer if you want technical explanation: Trezor trying to scam me? - #43 by matejcik

You are insane.

I have clearly stated that I have imputed the exact passphrase or didn’t you read my comment?

Trezor is a criminal organization.

Because keep saying the same thing and not involving practical method of finding out what the problem is.

Trezor is a scam.

Who ever support Trezor is part of the criminal organization. Trezor is a scam.

Trezor uses reverse psychology to steal from their customers by implementing hidden wallets.

When you can no longer access your funds with the exact passphrase and recovery seed, they will claim you haven’t entered the exact passphrase. However, they will create a different account with your correct passphrase.

This company Trezor is a scam.

I will sue this criminal organization.

If you have your funds in Trezor, remove it and destroy that evil device. It will take your life savings.

This company Trezor will never provide any practical solution or investigate your issue to know if there was an error as a result of device malfunction. Rather they will only use their words against yours and no solution proffered. At the end, you will be frustrated.

I will take every possible legal means to ensuring I recover my account and funds from this scammer Trezor company.

This company Trezor is a fraud.

Same issue happened to me.

They will never investigate or provide solutions.

Your money is where you sent it, you can see it on the blockchain if you look up your address here:, so can hardly be a scam if none can access the address…

Trezor is fully opensource and you can review the code and point out the mistake that would cause this. If there was one, everyone would have this issue.

Using a hidden wallet is your choice, you are absolutely not required to use it.

Also, feel free to import your seed to any other wallet that supports passphrase, it is BIP39 standard that almost all wallets use. So if it is the fault of Trezor device, it will show up in another wallet.

Also, you are saying you can actually see your funds in the wallet but have the Gas issue?

@Gimuxexchnage well then there is only one other thing left to do.

Don’t trust verify the code for yourself

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the same thing happened to me. I can’t enter the wallet after updating the firmware. Support is not responding. The reseller says that the seed phrase is wrong. Trezor started to engage in fraud?

Try downgrading the firmware

It’s a longshot, but What if, the firmware is in putting the wrong character by the keyboard.

Therefore you wouldn’t be typing the correct passphrase. It might switch it back to whatever it was.

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спасибо большое я попробую

@matejcik @forgi @Petosiris @BtcLtc


i have a possibel cause/idea??

seems to be happaning after a firmwear upadate(defining factor) from what im seeing

lets say you BUY A HARDWALLET

  1. create seed(back up also check them)
  2. put passphrase EAXMPEL: trezor (you also confirm this is correct)

everthing seems fine however there was a error within the firmwear like an unknow BUG the passphrase was

a firmwaer upadte unknowingly sorts this out

hence your BACKED UP PASSPHARSE trezor is now incorrect

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не получается установить прошивку

English please, or open a new topic in the forum category Other Languages. Thank you!

I can’t install the firmware can anyone help me?