Trezor trying to scam me?

TREZOR trying to scam me?
In 2019 I bought a hardware wallet trezor, from official trezor ressellers in my country (Ukraine). I followed instructions and had set up a new wallet with 24 recovery seed phrazes and 25th is my own passphrase. I had checked that trezor wallet worked well, as I was going to keep my lifesavings on it and it did work! Until last week as I had to perform an update, which had wiped out everything from hardware wallet.
In 2019 I bought bitcoin and transfered it to my trezor wallet. My trezor wallet adress is 35Ekftw9WBPNj5qeLzKkRNYYUh5cnSmajK, I can prove that’s my wallet many ways if I need to. One of which I had deposited several times by binance account (Binance has my KYC) and also I tranfered from binance back to my trezor wallet, I didn’t want to keep my funds on exchanges. Trezor site claims that their wallet is like keeping funds in a bank.
Everything was perfect until trezor update, they made me to “to improve my wallet”. After this update the funds are still on my wallet, but I don’t have access to it.
I have tried to recover my wallet and apparently my passphraze or seeds are incorrect. I can prove they are wrong! To confrim sending funds, I need my passphraze which I used on 11-05-2021 to my binance account. My funds are all in the wallet I can see them, but I have no access to them, because of the Trezor’s update.
My wallet: Explorer | BTC | ETH | BCH
I am contacting Trezor support, but they make fool of me, by telling me I have incorrect passphraze. I am trying to tell them that my passphraze is correct and recovery seeds, so it’s their words against mine. I am trying to offer Trezor support that I can come to their office in Prague and show them everything, they are telling me it will not resolve an issue.
Now they ignore me and I am left on my own with no access to my wallet. I already have a lot of offers from random people, they can retrieve my wallet, but it will cost me 10% of my account. Ofcourse I am not going for it, as I can end up with 0.

Someone Please help me with advice, I am losing my health, headace every day as lack of sleep and its like living in hell, this is already ruined my life and took a lot of nervous.

Hi @artur

Trezor is definitely not trying to scam you.

Please note that Trezor company is not a bank or money transmitting institution, we do not make the payments, nor have we control over the transactions or your accounts. You are the only one who has control over your access information - the private keys represented by your recovery seed and passphrase.

Also, when the same recovery seed is used and the same passphrase is entered (if enabled and used), the same wallet is accessed. There is no exception. It always generates the same wallet including the same accounts having the same addresses in the same order. The public-key cryptography ensures it generates always the same result.

Now, I understand that you are in a difficult situation, but please try to stay calm.

Assuming you talked about the update you are using Trezor Suite, is that right ? Have you used this app also before/ was the address in question generated using this interface or some other ?

If you are using Trezor Suite, do you have the SegWit account added as well?
Please note that you can add more account when you navigate to plus symbol in the left panel. When you click on Bitcoin, just choose desired account type (in your case SegWit) as shown on the picture below:

Since you are now sure that you are accessing the right account is there any transaction history ?
Also, what is the receiving address you can generate, does it match the address in question ?

If not then I am afraid that you are accessing different wallet as all addresses are derived from recovery seed and passphrase. Thus if one of those (or both) is different, private key differs as well and different addresses accounts and wallet are derived.

If you are using Trezor Suite, do you have the SegWit account added as well? - Yes!
Since you are now sure that you are accessing the right account is there any transaction history ? - No, not even my wallet!
Also, what is the receiving address you can generate, does it match the address in question ? Don’t understand you

All I can say Trezor did a great marketing campaign back in 2019 it worked on me. I am hooked like a stupid little fish, can’t prove anything to anyone! I am a human and I am not a robot, I do make mistakes and I DON’T KNOW EVERYTHING BUT: I remember what I did back in 2019 with TREZOR WALLET and everything worked for me, thats why I transferred and kept funds not on FREE WALLET, but paid!!!
Until last week with stupid update, who’s fault is that?!
I am very organised and if you think I would trust my lifesavings, that easy without going deep in something, THAT I don’t know then you are wrong (even 100usd is a big money for me). I shouldn’t have bought and spent 100 USD on useless hardware TREZOR wallet device!
All I can say that I made a free ETH wallet back in 2018 and I can still use it and have full access to my FREE ETH adress (0x113c08F781445f0FE564d5fBA0579ADb4584E756) written by MY hand in MY notebook that contains difficult and mixed latin letters (0 and o etc. and and with my private key 64 symbols written on my notebook, because I was told that taking photo and keeping them on my computer is very dangerous! Written by my hand 64 symbols instead of my paid secure 25th passphraze trezor code with as little as 14 symbol that I MADE UP, you tell me I made mistake?!)
With trezor wallet my eth adress 0x798D909b65c27473C352b04f85E0031644FD3929 is also locked I assume for ever as “I haven’t written correctly some, passphrase or seeds”, after “UPDATE”, using nearly 3 YEARS without any problem, but no “WE HAD TO UPDATE”!

Exactly the same issue here. Logged in using my passphrase, trezor asked me to perform an update. I started the update and the trezor disconnected wiping the device. Performed recovery and all I have is a new account with no transactions.

Updating your device does not pose any risk to your coins.
Since your coins are stored on a blockchain and not in your physical Trezor, no update can actually affect your coins. It can happen, however, that your device is wiped during the update (eg. Trezor lost connection during the update) and in such case you have to recover your wallet with a seed and passphrase (if enabled and used).

It’s your words against my. I HAVE WRITTEN SEEDS AND PASSPHRAZE!!! I used your device for 3 years, how did I confirm my transactions? Until update which I didn’t need, you missleaded me and took over my account.
But who am I, I can’t prove to you because you are told to shave people like me with your repeated instructions.

Sending this image,
Trezor USERS using your wallets, should be protected from errors that are not their FAULT! YOU UPDATED AND I LOST ACCESS, bought this piece of … for 100USD to be PROTECTED!

unlike op, i don’t think trezor is trying to scam anyone. but is it not possible that there’s other some issue with devices that have been wiped not being able to view their original wallet?

please don’t come back with each passphrase opens a unique wallet, i know all of that, i know how it works. what i want to know is, it there any possibility at all that 24 word seed and 25th word/passphrase are correct but after device has been wiped by disconnection during update, the wallet is invisible somehow?

(i know you will just think its much more likely these 2 idiots have their passphrase wrong, but please set that aside for a moment and just think if there’s other possible error)


The funny thing is I also have ledger wallet and with trezor I opened with my seeds and can use my wallet. I have a question, could I had deleted my trezor passphraze wallet accidently when trying to reset up things? Also what to do if I did? Another question, was my passphraze the same to confirm transactions as to access my wallet or it could something else? It just doesn’t make sence to me at all

The value in hardware wallets is that they are non-custodial. The owner of the hardware wallet is 100% responsible for their funds at all times. Users who are not up to that responsibility should use custodial wallets or exchanges to store their funds.

It seems that in this case the seed you have does not match your device.

If anything this is a lesson for everybody to test their seed right now. It is your responsibility alone to make sure it is correct, and nobody can help you if you mess up.

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I hate people trying to be clever and teach others, not knowing whole thing!
I have many wallets and TREZOR I used for nearly 3 years and problem only occured after the update! Who’s fault is that? At first I was calm as I was 100% sure I have my seeds and passphrases as if you saw my card that was given me in a pack, I wrote EVERYTHING! Passphraze used to CONFIRM TRANSACTIONS to OTHER WALLETS! TELL ME how did I do that? Without my passphraze code?
Now some people are try to teach me how I should had done LOL, I already done whats is done and asking for support and HELP, which I dont GET at all.
I don’t know where I went wrong and I don’t understand what’s going on, as my seeds are written down and my passphraze is written down in 3 different notes. Update messed my life and everything. I am in a dead end

I think you should try to use ledger to restore and access your wallet. Or let the trezor officials teach you how to downgrade the firmware to restore the original firmware version.

I had tried ledger and through electrum, doesn’t work. The most funny thing back in 2019, when I bought this useless device to “protect” myself for 100usd, instead could had bought whole Ethereum and kept it on exchange, like binance or kuckoin! I used exchange since then without any trouble, losing my funds. Eth would had returned me 4000USD and saved me 60000USD, which I don’t have access to, as the price of TODAY!
TREZOR you should do something!!! Where is MY ACCESS TO MY FUNDS??? YOU CLAIM TO BE A BANK and support 5 star

Hi @Artur,

you can easily determine where is the problem. If you recover your seed and your passphrase on any other wallet which supports BIP39 seed and passphrase, you will access your funds. There is no exception to it as everything is mathematically derived. Coins are not stored on the device, they are on the blockchain. If you are 100% sure of your seed and passphrase, any other wallet will recover it easily and then there would be something wrong with Trezor. If you can’t recover it on Trezor or Ledger or any other compatible wallet, then the seed or passphrase is wrong. Please note, this doesn’t have to do anything with the firmware or Trezor Suite update.


If you are 100% sure of your seed and passphrase, any other wallet will recover it easily and then there would be something wrong with Trezor. If you can’t recover it on Trezor or Ledger or any other compatible wallet, then the seed or passphrase is wrong. Please note, this doesn’t have to do anything with the firmware or Trezor Suite update.

Can you tell me, then how did I use my Trezor for nearly 3 years? Why are you trying to make fool of me? I am 100% sure my seeds and passphraze is correct!

LOL, so support is offering me, just to forget about it (my access to my funds) and they don’t have an issue for me. It’s all my fault, the access I had for nearly 3 years is, just a coincidence. I can tell you what goes around, come’s around straight back. You ruined somebodys life, just REMEMBER THAT TREZOR!

Have you tried to recover on a different wallet? Try other also other then Legdger (if you are looking for ETH, then Legder has different derivation path, keep in mind)

Have you ever checked in 3 years if your seed is correct? (Settings, Device, Check seed)

Have you checked your seed against these lists?

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@forgi he said his standard wallet Public key is the same
I am worried because of his situation. Will I lose access to my hidden wallet after any future upgrades?

no, you will not loose access

How did this happen to him? The probability of successfully recovering an empty wallet with the wrong mnemonic is so small that it can be ignored. Since he is very close to your company, you should let him come. Your software engineer can study his equipment on the spot.

@BtcLtc passphrase is not stored on the device