Trezor T Froze for a while in the set up

I just bought a new Trezor T from the official site.

when I was initializing the device, something weird happened. In the part that appears the 12 seed words the screen freeze in the first screen with the first two words and it was impossible to swipe to the next screen about for a minute. Then it was possible, and I proceed with the set up. Is it normal?

Could someone manipulate the device for example installing something in the circuit to send my seed phrase?


Not exactly “normal”, but we have seen this happen. Most likely is that the touch screen is flakey somehow. It looks like your Trezor is “frozen”, but actually it just doesn’t know you’re touching it.

If a similar problem reoccurs, you should ask for a RMA.

If you got your Trezor from an official seller, properly packaged, with the hologram sticker over the USB port, it is very unlikely.
Even if it happened somehow, it is unrelated.

It’s like asking, “my Trezor froze, is it possible that there is a meteor headed for my house right now?”
The answer to both questions is the same: yes, technically speaking that is possible, but in all likelihood it has nothing to do with your Trezor freezing.