Trezor Support for EIP-712 (signing on OS, LR, CollabLand... doesn't work anymore)

Good morning,

I have a Trezor One which I had always been happy about, but that’s not the case anymore.

First, we were not able to sign anything on the new LooksRare NFT marketplace.
Now, OpenSea is updating their contract and we are not able to sign anything there either (which is quite a big deal).
Also, CollabLand (Discord plugin to verify the ownership of certain assets) updated their UI, and Trezor doesn’t work there either for the same reason.

As far as I understood, this is related to Trezor not supporting EIP-712, which is a standardized signing structure that is being adopted gradually by everyone.

Could you please tell me when Trezor will fix this issue?
Why is it taking so much time? EIP-712 is standard from 2017.

This is basically making your products worthless for a lot of people at the moment.

Kind Regards

@0xBaguette_eth it is MM issue, they have to make an update

it is supported in Trezor