Trezor suite won’t connect properly with VPN on


I recently downloaded suite version 22.10.3 and since then the only way I can get access to my wallet is to turn off VPN or run TOR with VPN on.

Is this something I should be concerned about? It wasn’t an issue before I downloaded the latest version.

Many thanks

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Hi @Soprano

It is nothing to be concerned about as it is either issue related to Trezor Suite interface or backend servers. So as long as your recovery seed is safe, your funds are safe as well.

Now, is your VPN by any chance hosted on AWS ?


Quite possibly - it’s via an antivirus company that is likely to use AWS.

Would that be the cause?

Very possibly yes.

Could you please first try to also restart the app?
go to Settings → Application → App storage → Reset app

This will restart Trezor Suite and refresh backends which should help with showing the balance.

Please let me know if the issue persists so we can continue to troubleshoot the issue if it does.

hey done everyone as Soprano has said, such as trying to disable and enable tor, didn’t help.

Tried the web version of trezor suite, wouldn’t load the wallets at all. Forever discovering wallets.

Tried a different computer and trezor bridge says account discovery error “all backends are down”.

am i going to lose my funds? i literally just deposited money in

just try to turn off your VPN. Your funds are safe, it is just a connection issue.


I have reset the app but the problem still exists.

So it only works with a VPN if Tor is on.


I also have a problem when i need to turn off my VPN so i can access my account is .
this something to do with KYC i always use a VPN and everything always work so now what?