Trezor Suite not recognising my passphrase

Hello. I’ve had my Trezor for about 6 months now and never had an issue, but today it is not recognising my passphrase and saying it is incorrect and hidden wallet balance is zero. I have my passphrase written down so it is definitely correct. Can’t work out what is going on. Help please!

Very strange, it has just come back. Is there anything going on I should be aware of? Seems really odd it said “incorrect” for 10+ tries, restarting Trezor Suite each time - and reconnecting my device.

Heii @rudyblue

Please check that mistyping and also check the links shared bellow

99,9% of the time this issue is because of human error. “FatFingering can make you mistype”
Or the passphrase you wrote down is bot the correct one for that wallet.

The Trezor device does not save, store any Passphrase info, that is why it is an extra step of protection

Please check the links bellow

  1. your passphrase should always be memorable as there’s no way to recover it if you forget it, and your funds stored under a passphrase will be lost if you forget it (therefore, please use it only if you completely understand how it works)

Instructions manual hidden wallet/ passphrase


Thx for you reply. I was def typing passphrase correctly. I pressed the eye so I could see it and had to also confirm on the device. Over 10+ times (one tends to try a lot when thinking there is an issue). I also ejected the hidden wallet to reset all and then tried several times still with no access and no funds showing. Finally it all came back. Seems odd to me. I know human error accounts for most of these issues, but this one seems strange.