Trezor Suite not launching

I just updated to the latest version of the desktop suite and now when I try to launch it briefly shows in the task manager and then closes. I’ve tired uninstalling/reinstalling with no change. Any ideas?
Running Windows 8.1

Latest Suite dropped support for Windows 8.

Upgrade your Windows (to Linux, preferably :wink: ).
Win8 is out of official support – which is a problem for you anyway because it means no more security updates. Don’t manage your financial assets on an unsecured computer! Trezor device does its best to remain secure even against malware – that doesn’t mean that you’re gonna have a fun time when you do get infected.

Thanks, I’m aware of the Win8 issues. My previous install of the Suite was working fine so are you saying the current version won’t load? What is the min OS requirement - 10?

Yes. For the current Suite (actually since the previous month I believe?), Windows 10 is the minimum.

ok slightly different question. If I build a new system, install the Suite and have access to my passwor, will I have access to all my accounts or is there anything I need to transfer over?

@MrDisco to recover your funds you will always need seed/recovery words + passphrase (if used). Using these will give you access to your funds on different interfaces/wallet software as long as they are compatible.

Recover for model T

Recover for model one

Keep in mind that a passphrase is NOT a password.

To learn more check

Hope this helps

If you don’t do anything bad to your Trezor, then yes. Same as if you plugged it into a completely separate computer – the device itself has your seed on it and that will get you access to all your accounts.

Suite settings will be lost, of course, and so you might need to enable coins again, set up Metamask if you’re using it, and so on.

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