Trezor suite lite and Suite web balance mismatch

My Trezor suite lite shows the correct BTC balance but Trezor Suite Web shows zero balance. Last time I checked about a month ago, both balances matched. I have restored the Trezor with the original recovery phrase and still zero. I notice the XPUB for the Trezor lite does not match the XPUB for the Trezor Suite - not sure if that is important. Can anyone help me to fix the problem?

You can just clear cache and data on the Trezor suite lite (the mobile app) and enter all these things again. The balance mismatch is not a big deal and doesn’t affect your crypto. It’s just nice to know when you use your phone.

And, always backup your seed phrase also called recovery seed and if you use “hidden wallet” feature those password you also need to backup - meaning writing it down on paper and even better punching it in a metal sheet for backup. Never ever backup your seed phrase digitally on any device.

Thanks so much for your quick reply. My concern is that when I connect my Trezor to the web app there is zero balance showing. It should be showing BTC in there. If I clear the cache of the phone then it will probably show zero also.
I have the recovery seed phrase and have reset the trezor a couple of times and still showing zero.

Those are different things. The Trezor Suite is the software for manging your hardware wallet which can be done in the browser on a desktop or with the software app for desktop.

The Trezor Suite Lite is not for manging your hardware wallet but only to watch your funds and balances.

You are mentioning a problem with the Trezor Suite in the browser, the web app. It’s concerning to me that it is showing zero balance, either you use the wrong wallet/seed phrase or you used a “hidden wallet” meaning a wallet with a password. To successfully recover your wallet you need both if you also used a password in conjunction with your wallet.

Don’t clear anything just yet. With your phone you can see the address and even check if the XPUB is the same or not with the wallet in the web app. Check first if those are the same and if not you’re not in the right wallet. Report back if you did this and tell us here if they are the same or not.

Thanks Remzi. I have checked the phone app address and XPUB and they are different to the web app.

That means that they are different wallets. Please try to remember where your backups are and if you used the “hidden wallet” feature.

I think I did use a hidden wallet but without a password

Try to do that and see if it works.

no luck - still shows zero

Maybe you used a different password? Did you wrote those details down? Please tell me you wrote everything down like seed phrase and passwords?

Otherwise, there is nothing you can do.

seed phrase and password for the Trezor yes I have those backed up in hard copy.
If I used a password for the hidden wallet, I did not write that down. So that’s why I think I did not have a password for the hidden wallet

OMG I have found the password I used for the hidden wallet and it has retrieved the correct balance. Thanks so much for your help - you have saved my life!

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You’re welcome!

May I advise you to buy something like the Trezor Keep Metal? Punching in your seed phrase in a metal backup is one of the safest way to backup your seed. Also, you can put a paper in this metal thingy. See:

I will thankyou so much

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Isn’t it true that the Suite Lite application can’t access a hidden wallet? Therefore, I do not understand your whole conversation.

@Bored What you’re saying is incorrect. In the Suite Lite you can’t do a lot but you can add the Bitcoin XPUB and other coins (with ETH it’s receive address) to watch you balance. Like a watch only wallet. Very handy when checking your balances on the go.

Management of coins is very limited on the Trezor Suite Lite, but you can add all the coins to watch the balances.

No, you are unfortunately dead wrong. It makes a big difference whether you can add any xpub to view its specific account transactions, or you mirror the whole wallet with all its current and future xpub accounts.

Adding XPUB is watch only, as I have said in my comment. Manging is something different. Managing means to be able to sign transactions and whatnot. I have all my coins on my mobile phone (watch-only - meaning seeing the balances).

I don’t think you understand what I said.

You mean managing? That’s what I said. I didn’t said mirroring (in your own words) the wallet. I still don’t understand what you mean by mirror, but I assume you mean being able to sign transactions? Meaning being able to manage the wallet?

Watch-only wallet means that you can see the balances of all the coins but can’t sign transactions with or without the hardware wallet.

See screenshot watch-only on my phone:

I have BTC, ETH, DOGE and Lite on my phone with the balance next to it.

Also, you can always add BTC XPUB to the Trezor Suite Lite on your phone to track the balance (watch-only) doesn’t matter if it’s a hidden wallet.

More info on watch only wallet, see link: and see below for the info:

Good question

You’re right, a watch-only wallet has only addresses, not keys

How can it receive? It knows your next unused address. That’s all you need to receive. The wallet displays the incoming transaction the same way as any wallet. It connects to a Bitcoin node somewhere, scans every transaction in every new block, and matches any transaction with one of your addresses

Now, how can you spend?

A spending transaction needs to be

  • constructed,
  • signed,
  • broadcast

Private keys are only required for signing. A hardware wallet is a computer, contains keys and software with ECC and hashing functions to sign a transaction

Your on-line wallet app constructs the transaction and sends it to the hardware wallet. The hardware wallet signs the transaction and sends it back. The on-line wallet broadcasts the transaction

Read Electrum’s cold wallet instructions for a similar process, using a DIY cold wallet
Cold Storage — Electrum 3.3 documentation

You misunderstood the words that I did not even said. There are many apps with xpub reader functionality available. You do not need a Trezor for this. I just stated that the Suite Lite does not work with Trezor’s hidden wallet. You can’t insert the passphrase for the hidden wallet. Xpub (zpub) functionality is something else and not at all unique for the Suite Lite.

I think there is a lot of misunderstanding here. Do you know what a watch only wallet means?

Do you mean watch only AKA adding XPUB or something else? You’re not crystal clear what you mean. You are not clear what’s not working.

And I don’t understand what you mean by mirroring? Please explain what you mean by this, so we can solve this misunderstanding we keep having.