Trezor Suite giving wrong adress?


I have talked my little brother into buying a trezor, and I wanted to send him some coins to test it out. But Trezor Suite gave him a wrong address: bc1qh4h7djvvØherzc4eg6jm6eck3y8vuawlgdgepy

I have never seen a ‘Ø’ in a bitcoin address, and I don’t think it can be in it.

Some proof (my brother is not very tech-savy, so this is all I have):

What went wrong here? Is it a computer setting? I’m just trying to make sure nothing is wrong with his Trezor.

it’s … uhm how do I put this

it is a zero.

the number zero, not the letter ø.

Well, you seem to be right, that’s much easier than I thought. But why does it come out as ‘Ø’ though? The address was copy - pasted, in my opinion it should not be wrong in that case.

If it is to make sure the difference between ‘0’ and ‘O’ or ‘o’ is clear, I can understand. But in that case it should work when copying - pasting in my opinion.

I know what the wallet address should be copied correctly with Copy button and connected device or by QR code, but some people may use for example iPhone camera to recognize text from monitor screen and in this case the iPhone may don’t understand all “zero” chars in Trezor Suite blockchain wallets. For me Ø (zero) is recognize as @ char in some cases. If address has for example four ‘zero’ chars then three can be recognized as 0 but fourth can be recognized as ‘@’.

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The address encoded in the QR code has a zero. And the address shown in the screenshot is also clearly a zero – notice how the line does not extend outside the circle, unlike a ø where the line fully crosses it.

The most simple explanation is that someone “corrected” the address (maybe your brother changed the character to look more like the text, before sending it to you?), or, as @Viktor_1BTC suggests, an OCR was involved at some point.

Thanks guys. I asked my brother, and he did not change the address in any way, so I still find this somewhat confusing. But you might be right that an OCR is involved.

Good to know that it’s working as it should.

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yes it’s just a font choice, it’s not a different character but there are a good number of fonts that opt to slash or dot a zero, in order to make it more obvious that it is a zero, or have an option to enable that

and yes it should work when copying and pasting, although if the font is preserved on copy (which can happen depending on the programs involved) it should still look like that.