Trezor Suite Bug?

Hi I’d like to report or talk about what I think is a bug? It seems that Trezor Suite comes back saying that a hidden wallet is empty but only when doing a coin discovery for ETH. Originally the issue was being connected to VPN as coin discovery for all hidden wallets were coming back empty. Upon disconnecting from VPN servers coin discovery worked without issues for BTC however not for ETH, still comes back as “empty”. Each Trezor has two hidden wallets one BTC and one ETH. All four had a successful coin discovery for BTC but all four failed for ETH. Before you say it’s user error I’ve been doing this a long time and the hidden ETH wallet was discoverable until today. The other strange thing is that I always connect to VPN when transacting and when doing coin discovery but today that doesn’t work anymore, need to disconnect. I’m not stressed because I know the funds are there and I have the correct phrase so looking to some suggestions on what I can try? Windows 10/Trezor T.

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I’d like to add that the passphrase was created while connected to a VPN.

Adding a little more as I should’ve been specific. I recently downloaded the latest version of Trezor Suite, v24.1.2.

Solved my own issue. Still a small bug but nothing serious just a minor annoyance. My ETH account was removed without me noticing. Added it back and now I was able to access my hidden ETH wallets.

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I thank you very much Problem solft